MGIMO Journal. 1st English issue

MGIMO Journal. 1st English issue

20 April 2018

Please, welcome the first English issue of a Russian corporate magazine — MGIMO Journal!

For 15 years of its existence in Russia, MJ became a chronicler and a researcher of history of MGIMO- one of the flagships of Russia's higher education, the main school of diplomacy, a training center for international specialists of the broadest range: economists, lawyers, managers, political scientists, journalists and many others.

The magazine tells about the attractive aspects of studying at MGIMO through success stories of its graduates. Among them, there are many titans of large business - owners and executive managers of Russia’s leading companies, many of them hold the tops of the country’s Forbes list. Thanks to their efforts, MGIMO Endowment Fund was established 10 years ago and it became the leader of Russian endowments.

The success story of MGIMO itself is inextricably linked with the name of its rector Anatoly Torkunov, who over 25 years of his rectorial career has turned the institution of a rather narrow profile into a multi-disciplinary university, bringing it to the globaleducational market. Today MGIMO is the most international university in Russia - 18 percent of its students are foreign citizens. Leading professors from the world-famous universities of America, Europe, Asia come here to give lectures.

That is why the idea to publish MGIMO Journal for a foreign audience seems quite logical. We will tell you about the life of the University, its new programs, primarily in partnership with world-famous universities, about its think-tanks and scientific clubs where students have a professional start and, of course, about the success of our graduates - those who create the image of modern Russia as well as experts that are united abroad in MGIMO alumni associations.

Supported by MGIMO Endowment Fund.