Dual degrees

Master courses represent one of the most rapidly developing directionsof MGIMO activity. Graduates of a dual degree program we awarded two diplomas (MGIMO and Partner University).



Russian-French Double Degree Master’s Program in cooperation with Sciences Po, Paris

The Double Degree Master’s Program MGIMO-University – Sciences Po was established in 2005. It built upon the experience and expertise of the first French-Russian Master’s program in International Relations founded in 1994, when it was the first Master’s Program offered at MGIMO. The Double Master’s Degree Program takes the partnership between the two Universities to a new level, offering innovative approaches to international relations education.

The first year of the program takes place at Sciences Po, Paris, where students join the School of International Affairs /PSIA/ and their Master’s Program in Finance and Strategy. The second year is held at MGIMO-University, Moscow where the student complete a tailor-made curriculum based on the Master’s Programs “World Politics”, “International Affairs and Transnational business” and “International Energy”.

At the end of the two-year period graduates who successfully meet program requirements are awarded two Master’s Degree Diplomas:

  • MGIMO-University Master’s Diploma
  • Sciences Po, Paris Master’s Diploma

In addition to this, they receive a Joint Diploma Supplement with all courses and ECTS listed. There are three specializations of the Master’s Program:

  • in ‘Global Politics’
  • in ‘International Affairs and Transnational business’
  • in ‘Energy issues’



Russian-French Double Degree Master’s Program, MGIMOICN Business School, Nancy

The Double Degree Master’s Program was designed to train experts in the business environment in France, the EU and Russia, by providing joint study courses and one full semester in the country of the Partner Institutions.

The Program aims to provide global managers with specific knowledge of the Russian and French markets and cultures. It will also develop a range of skills recognized by employers worldwide, and is geared to managers with an international business profile and knowledge of foreign languages. Graduates will do business with and fulfill managerial functions in companies engaged in international economic and business activities, as well as conducting research in international business and business administration.

The core courses are covered in the 1st semester in MGIMO, the second semester is provided by ICN Business School with a focus on doing business in France, negotiation techniques, financial management, and operations. In France students are also offered the opportunity to choose specialization paths. The third and fourth semesters are provided by MGIMO with a final (state) exam and thesis submission. An internship is a part of the study program. Students have the opportunity to take part in field work in France during the Summer. Project work is compulsory and is undertaken during the 4th semester.

Tuition emphasizes in-depth studies of the most sophisticated management techniques as practiced by European companies, and comprehensive analysis of the international business environment. The program meets international standards in Management.
Each country involved in the Program enrolls students according to an established quota. During the first year, students study in France and later at MGIMO University.


MGIMO-ICN, Nancy, France-Bologna University, Italy Triple Degree Master’s Program

The MIEX Triple Degree Master’s Program is an international management Executive Master’s degree program offered by an international consortium of 5 Universities: ICN Business School based in Nancy, France, MGIMO University of Moscow, Russia, Universidad La Salle of Mexico City, Mexico, East China University of Science and Technology, based in Shanghai, China, and Uppsala University based in Uppsala, Sweden.

The 1st year core teaching modules are held in France and in Italy. In the second year students choose a market area specialization in China, Mexico, Russia or Europe (Uppsala, Sweden) attending lectures at Partner Institutions for an entire term. The practical work activities of the program are expressly designed in conjunction with 1st and 2nd Year teaching activities, and include Field Work Research organized in Teams, and an in-company individual placement Project Work on internationalization. Students of the MIEX Program benefit from three Diplomas from different Universities.

The MIEX structure and course design is focused on the operational needs of companies in the international market, with a framework including development of language skills and appropriate training in the fields of business and management. Each country involved in the MIEX Program enrolls students according to an established quota.


Russian-Norwegian Double Degree Master’s Program

A Russian-Norwegian Master’s Program specializing in “International Business in the Oil and Gas Sector” was launched in September 2005. The Program represents a real contribution to the energy dialog between Russia and Norway and is oriented primarily at joint training of specialists for the development, by Norwegian and Russian companies, of energy resources in the Barents Sea region.

The Program combines the scientific and expertise potential of the leading education and science centers in Russia and Norway, as well as other European countries and the USA. The International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO is a global leader in the field of developing international personnel for global energy co-operation, who will lead major international oil and gas projects, and play a major role in energy diplomacy and geopolitics. Norway’s University of Nordland Graduate School of Business is a recognized center for oil and gas business education. The curriculum balances fundamental academic concepts relating to the industry with effective practical training.

The MBA Program is run in conjunction with Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer and one of the world’s leading energy companies. The program meets international standards and also is customized to meet Rosneft’s requirements, with the company using the program as a core part of its executive level development.

The joint Russian-Norwegian Master’s Program meets the highest educational standards of both countries, and of the Bologna System. The course duration is two years. During the first and fourth semesters the undergraduates study at their home universities, the second semester is hosted by the Nordland University, Norway, and the third semester – by MIEP MGIMO. The Program is taught entirely in English.

The MBA Program is implemented in cooperation with JSC “Oil Company ROSNEFT” that provides trainees for the MBA Program and pays all expenses associated with the implementation of the MBA Program for the OC “Students”. The program meets international standards and is customized to meet OC “ROSNEFT” requirements.


Russian-British Double Degree Master’s Program

The Russian-British Double Degree Master’s Program is delivered in conjunction with the University of St. Andrews, a leading educational and research center and Great Britain’s third oldest university. There is strong demand for program graduates from employers in business and industry, and particularly with major international oil and gas companies.

The student exposure to knowledge and competences in the sustainable development field, combined with strategic management in the energy sector, including specialist courses delivered by leading experts from MGIMO and St. Andrews, makes this Program unique.

The Master’s Program consists of two parts. The first academic year is devoted to sustainable development and is conducted at St. Andrews. The second academic year is held at MIEP MGIMO and is a Master’s program in “Management”. It includes disciplines in strategic management in energy.




Russian – Italian Double Degree Master’s Program

The two year “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy” Master’s Program was launched by MGIMO in 2007, in conjunction with Italian university, Universita` di Commerciale Luigi Bocconi; a recognized European leader in economic and business education, with close links to major world energy companies.

The Russian-Italian Master’s Program “Oil and Gas Sector Economics and International Energy Policy” provides a unique opportunity for Russian and Italian undergraduate students to develop expertise in modeling and forecasting economic development in the energy sector. Successful graduates will be awarded a “Master of Economics in World Energy” degree from MGIMO and a “Master (Laurea Specialistica) of Economics and Sociology” degree from the Bocconi University, with appropriate national diplomas.

All courses are taught in English. During the first year the undergraduate students will be trained at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. The second year is at MIEP MGIMO in Moscow.


Russian – German Double Degree Master’s Program

The Master’s Program “International Energy Economics and Business Administration” was launched in 2007 by MGIMO in conjunction with Universitat Leipzig in Germany – one of the most prestigious and oldest European Universities.

The Russian-German Master’s Program meets the highest international educational standards and students receive two diplomas – from MGIMO and Universitat Leipzig – in full compliance with the Bologna system.

The program lasts two years. During the first semester students receive tuition at their home universities, and the study process is conducted in the Russian language. During the second semester both Russian and German undergraduates study at MIEP MGIMO, and during the third semester at Universitat Leipzig. During the fourth semester the students write dissertations at their home universities. Courses in the second and third semesters are taught in English.

During the second semester both Russian and German undergraduates study at MIEP MGIMO, during the third semester – at Leipzig University and during the fourth semester the students write dissertations at their home universities. Courses in the second and third semesters are taught in English.