Executive education and MBA

MGIMO School of Business offers a complete range of MBA and Executive MBA programs, executive education and professional retraining.
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  • Executive MBA
  • International Oil and Gas Business
  • Economics and Management in International Business
  • Financial Director
  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Governance 
  • World Agricultural Markets and Economy of Agribusiness
  • Management in the Fashion Industry (jointly with British Higher School of Art and Design, BHSAD)
  • Strategic Marketing and Management (jointly with British Higher School of Art and Design, BHSAD)
  • Digital Economy (jointly with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MIPT)
  • Strategic Management of Mineral Resource Companies (jointly with MISYS University)

Executive Education

  • Audiovisual translation (Odintsovo branch)
  • Basics of communication in a global sports environment in the English language (for beginners)
  • Professional English for sports managers (for intermediate students)
  • International security issues
  • International business protocol and etiquette
  • Regional development strategy
  • Corporate management
  • Political management
  • Strategic management
  • Management of international communications in sport
  • Copyrighting: art of writing speeches
  • Public speaking
  • PR: cutting edge technologies
  • GR and lobbyism in business and non-profit organizations
  • Anticorruption activity in business
  • Managing the organization and undertaking of capital repairs of the common property in apartment buildings (Odintsovo branch)
  • Foreign economic activity manager
  • Regulation and legal aspects of sport
  • Strategic management of finance
  • Business Digitalization

Vocational Retraining

  • International Relations
  • International Business Communications and Protocol
  • Theory and Practice of Simultaneous Interpretation for International Organizations
  • Digital Finance
  • Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
  • Urban Infrastructure Management and Territorial Development (Odintsovo)