Executive education and MBA

In the late 1980-s, MGIMO became the first national university to establish its own business school. It was founded by Professors A.B.Manukovsky, E.M.Khartukov, and T.P.Kulakova. Since then, the business education in the University has been provided in variety of forms and increasing range of available programs. In late 2012, MGIMO created the School of Business and International Competencies under the leadership of A.Mirzoeva on the basis of its Institute of Continuing Professional Education. The underlying idea of its establishment was to significantly upgrade the range of MBA and advanced vocational training programs and offer them to a broader audience.

As part of the MGIMO University, we share its core values, which shape our educational culture. MGIMO School of Business seeks to embody all the strengths of the University in its educational programmes so that its graduates would be highquality professionals and experts in different areas. Our goal is to prepare talented leaders that will be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in their professional activity. Our International-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident and effective business leaders.

MGIMO School of Business offers a complete range of MBA and Executive MBA programmes, executive education and summer business scholars programmes:

Modular MBA Programme:

  • "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets"

Executive education:

  • "Doing business in Russia"
  • "Basic Aspects of Russian Corporate & Business Law"
  • "Company Management & Corporate Governance — Anti-Money Laundering"

Summer business scholars programmes:

  • "Management in Energy Policy"
  • "Business and International Relations"


Executive education and MBA

Angelika Mirzoeva


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