Social life

Studying at the University is not only lectures, seminars, credits and exams, it is also a busy social life, thanks to which student years are especially memorable and often remain the main and most precious memories of youth. 

For all who care about the cultural component, MGIMO has a Cultural Center on the basis of a Conference hall. Established in 1996 on the initiative of the University Rector A.V. Torkunov, it initiates a wide range of events: meeting evenings, film screenings, actively participates in student amateur activities, holds a number of annual competitions, including the beauty contest "Miss MGIMO", KVN, music contest "MGIMO Music awards" and others. The University's conference hall is an excellent concert venue. Designed for 775 seats and equipped with the latest technology, the hall regularly receives distinguished guests, holds Career Days and Open Doors Days, alumni meetings and anniversary celebrations.

MGIMO cares not only about the entertainment component of university life. We understand that a modern active and successful person and, moreover, a future diplomat cannot think without sport and a healthy lifestyle. In the building of the MGIMO Sports Center there are sections for various sports, large halls with stands for fans, as well as a swimming pool with ozonized water.

There are very few higher education institutions in our country that have their own medical base. MGIMO has its own Clinic for employees and students. Foreign students can get medical care directly at the University, avoiding difficulties that may arise in other policlinics of Moscow.

Another pride of MGIMO is its hostels. Today, international and nonresident students have the opportunity to live in one of the four hostels, which are as close to the university as possible, and one of them is located on the territory of the university campus. However, the problem of vacant places still exists and in the near future MGIMO will have another hostel.