HR Departments

Department of Human Resources

The department’s primary goals include:

  • Assessing staffing requirements, building a system of personnel selection and recruitment in accordance with University interests.
  • Searching for and recruiting academic and educational support staff, and other service personnel, as well as implementing methods of selecting and assessing candidates.
  • Forming a steadily operating workforce.
  • Strategy of personnel development and formation of a staff reserve. Professional development of personnel, analysis of educational requirements, evaluation of the effectiveness of education.
  • Personnel record-keeping and human resources documentation.
  • Collecting and presenting statistical reports on personnel records and human resources management.
  • Organising the implementation of new HR technology and providing human resources analysis to University leadership.
  • Enforcing compliance with labour and social guarantees by all University departments, protection of employees’ rights, as determined by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Organising work ethic control within University departments.
  • Ensuring the organisation of University administration.
  • Implementing reception and organisation of permanent storage of documents within the University.

MGIMO Recruitment Centre

Established in 2020, MGIMO Recruitment Centre is aimed at improving the system of personnel recruitment designed to enhance University standing in accordance with the adopted development strategy.

The recruitment centre provides solutions to vital human resources tasks through implementing a unified approach to recruitment of all levels of personnel, systematically rejuvenating the workforce, increasing competition for vacancies and attracting the best candidates based on University requirements.

Personnel guide

IntraNet resource

The personnel guide contains all the information necessary for a successful and effective operation of MGIMO University. Relevant sections provide answers to frequently asked questions that arise during document processing and other day-to-day functions.

For prospective employees

Information provided in this section will help prospective employees prepare documents necessary for employment.