ART LAB is a cultural and educational platform at MGIMO.

The MGIMO student is distinguished by courage - one has to think outside the box to go forward to new victories.

ART LAB organizes exhibitions, author's tours and cultural events. It is a way to draw a parallel between objective scientific knowledge and subjective visual perception of science in students.

A broad outlook is exactly what distinguishes a student at MGIMO and ART LAB in this!

We form a community in which news from the world of culture and art are discussed. Together we visit exhibition openings, hold creative master classes and learn about science and history through the prism of creativity.

ART LAB's creative approach will allow students to take a new look at student life, understand the originality and beauty of our country, discover a new vision of Russian culture and find their place in it.

ART LAB unites students who cannot imagine their life without art.

ART LAB helps to realize any creative projects.

ART LAB is for those who want to keep abreast of the latest news in painting, photography, cinematography, television and design.

ART LAB finds like-minded people, but in art it is impossible without it.


ART|LAB Kristina Kozhevnikova