Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies at MGIMO University offers 21 scientific specialties within 9 scientific groups. There are two forms of postgraduate education available at MGIMO: full-time and part-time.

The full-time program requires students to take

  • 10 courses,
  • pass tests and exams in philosophy, specialization, and foreign language,
  • complete pedagogical practice,
  • and pass a pre-defense of their thesis.

After successfully defending their dissertation, students are awarded a PhD degree. The educational courses for the full-time program are offered in Russian. More information about the full-time PhD degree program can be found on the MGIMO website.

The part-time program offers students the opportunity to obtain a PhD degree without taking educational courses. However, they can receive consultations from their supervisor. Students must pass three exams in philosophy, specialization, and foreign language within three years, and they must approve the theme of their dissertation within two years. It is possible to write the thesis in English. After successfully defending their thesis, students are awarded a PhD degree. Required documents for part-time students include

To apply for either program, prospective students must first choose their scientific specialty and then contact the relevant department to select a potential supervisor. They must then sign the application with their potential supervisor and the head of the department and bring all necessary documents to the Postgraduate Studies department of MGIMO University according to the campaign schedule in rooms 1043 and 4039a. Students must also sign the contract and make the payment.

For admission to the University, prospective students must request a pass via email at, providing their full name, citizenship, and the day of their visit. They must also bring their passport.

The tuition fee for the part-time PhD degree program is 274,000 rubles, while the full-time program costs 447,000 to 526,000 rubles. More information about tuition fees can be found on the MGIMO website.

Accommodation in student dormitories is available, more information about dormitories can be found on the MGIMO website.

More information about visa support can be found on the MGIMO website.

Head of the department

Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies

Natalia Khokhlova


For information on document certification requirements (depending on the country of residence) contact us at

+7 495 229-53-90
+7 495 234-83-84

Room: 1043, 1066