Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies

MGIMO University offers 25 postgraduate programs within 9 courses.

You can choose between two forms of postgraduate education in MGIMO

  • Full-time student
    • Education programs are offered in Russian
    • You should visit the lectures
    • Examinations are held after the training
    • You should complete the pedagogical practice
    • It is possible to write the thesis in English
    • There is a State Final examination
    • You obtain a PhD degree + a diploma
  • Part-time student
    • Education is remote
    • You don’t need to visit the lectures
    • You can get consultations of your supervisor
    • You should take three exams (foreign language, philosophy and specialization) during three years
    • You don’t need any pedagogical practice
    • There is no State Final examination
    • You obtain a PhD degree without a diploma

Admission rules and regulations 2020

Required documents

  • Application
  • Profile paper
  • Passport (with visa + migration card)
  • Previous degree document (MA or Specialist degree)
  • Two 3x4 cm photos
  • Medical certificate, confirming that you have disabilities (if so)
  • The list with your personal achievements for getting extra points and confirming documents (recording rules are provided in Appendix 1)

How do I apply? Step-by-step instruction

  • Choose the course and program you want to apply for
  • Choose your potential supervisor and sign the application with him and with the head of the department
  • Write a motivation letter and sign it as well as the application
  • Fill in Appendix1 and collect the documents, proving your achievements
  • Bring all the documents to Post-graduate studies department of MGIMO University according to the campaign schedule (rooms 1043, 1066)

For entering the University you must ask for a pass via email:
Please write your full name and the day of visit. Don’t forget to bring your passport!

Entrance examinations in 2020

  • Foreign language – 07.09.2020
  • Philosophy – 10.09.2020
  • Specialty exam – 14.09.2020

Education fees

  • For associated researcher seeking a PhD degree the fee accounts for 246 000 rubles per year
  • For a Full-time program the fee accounts for more than 412 000 rubles depending on a department

Accommodation in student’s dormitory


Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies

Natalia Khokhlova


For information on document certification requirements (depending on the country of residence) contact us at

+7 495 229-53-90
+7 495 234-83-84

Room: 1043, 1066