Centre for South Asian Studies

Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) was established in June 2023.

Comprehensive interaction with non-Western states, including India, is one of the strategic objectives of the Russian foreign policy and foreign economy agenda.

Considering the importance of the South Asian region for modern Russia, it was decided to establish a centre unifying the MGIMO Indological community — recognized specialists in politics, economy, history and culture of India and other South Asian countries. This step will ensure an integrated multidisciplinary expertise within the University on various issues related to India and South Asia, which is particularly important for conducting academic and applied research in the area.

The main lines of work of the Centre are as follows:

politics and economy of India, Pakistan and smaller South Asian states;
place of India and South Asia in modern international relations;
Russia’s relations with South Asian countries and its place in the system of foreign policy and economy priorities of the regional states.

The Centre was established within the framework of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program.