Institute for International Studies

In Russian

The Institute for International Studies (IIS) is a multi-disciplinary research branch of MGIMO University, established in 1976 as the Problem Research Laboratory for System Analysis of International Relations, and last renamed in 2009. We pride ourselves on our history of conducting innovative, in-depth, applied research in IR.

Mission. We are dedicated to assisting authorities in making informed foreign policy decisions and establishing MGIMO as one of the most internationally respected hubs for expertise in IR.

At IIS, we:

  • conduct fundamental academic research and implement applied analytical projects;
  • provide wide-ranging expertise and proper substantiation of foreign policy initiatives;
  • publish articles in Russian and foreign highly-ranked, peer-reviewed academic journals;
  • share our expert assessments of international developments through leading media outlets;
  • maintain international expert and academic dialogue.

We cooperate with main Russian foreign policy decision-making bodies to put the conclusions of our research into practice. We work closely with the Presidential Executive Office, the Security Council, the Government, the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense, as well as with international organizations like the EEU, CSTO, and SCO.

Strategy. In 2018, we developed the Institute’s five-year road map, under which we are expanding our dynamic research network and creating new research centres aimed at studying the world’s most pressing issues that will have an impact on Russia’s national interests. We seek to increase the number of academic publications in the Q1-2 journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases, as well as to promote proven expertise through leading media outlets.

Organizational structure. The Institute hosts 11 centres conducting regional research and studying global issues. The Joint Editorial Board publishes International Analytics and Cuadernos Iberoamericanos journals. The academic and strategic development sections provide organizational support. The Director of the Institute is Dr. Andrey Sushentsov, and the Deputy Director is Dr. Alexander Chechevishnikov.

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