Institute for International Studies

The MGIMO Institute of International Studies was established in 2009 to develop analytical practice of the University in the field of international relations. Among its main tasks are identifying trends of the evolution of international processes and providing political expertise to foreign policy establishment.

The Institute is a successor to the several research structures of MGIMO, including Problem Research Laboratory for System Analysis of International Relations (1976-1990), Center for International Studies (1990-2004), and the Research Coordination Council for International Studies (2004-2009).

The Institute prepares expert reports for the main government agencies involved in the formation of Russia’s foreign policy, e. g. Presidential Executive Office, Government, Federation Council, State Duma, Security Council, Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry, and CSTO.

The Institute of International Studies hosts 11 scientific research centers covering key international problems ranging from developments in the post-Soviet space to disarmament and conflict settlement, from the Asia Pacific to Middle East. The Centers’ teams execute different types of research and analysis, publish research papers, analytical reports and notes on topical foreign policy issues.

The Institute development strategy envisages the establishment of new research centers aimed at studying international problems which in a few years will be defining Russia’s national interests — international political elites, economic processes, and sanction policy.

Andrey Sushentsov is the Director of the Institute; Aleksander Chechevishnikov is the Deputy Director.