Department of Linguistics and Translation&Interpreting Studies

The Department of Linguistics and Translation&Interpreting studies was established in 2017 as part of the School of Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication at MGIMO-University’s new campus in the town of Odintsovo (a suburb of Moscow).

The Faculty offers a Bachelor’s degree programme (45.03.02) entitled Translation, Interpreting, Country Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication and two Master’s degree programmes (45.04.02), namely T&I in the Area of Economics, Management and Law and The Theory and Practice of Cross-Cultural Communication.

The Bachelor degree programme T&I, Country Studies and Cross-cultural Communication is aimed at educating students in the area of linguistics, translation and interpreting and cross-cultural communication. Special attention is given to the following fundamental disciplines: language and linguistics, practical and theoretical phonetics, lexicology, practical and theoretical grammar, history of the English language, history of linguistics, cognitive linguistics, cross-cultural communication, British and Amercan country studies, Russian studies.

The programme includes subjects that highlight language - culture close interaction in the fields country studies, socio-cultural linguistics as well as theory and practice of cross-cultural communication.

The programme provides translating and interpreting skills development by means of practical courses of T&I studies and  courses of domain-specific translation.

The Department is especially proud of a unique Russian Studies module which is aimed at providing students with fundamental and applied knowledge of Russian culture through the English and Russian languages. With emphasis on Russian history, Russian regional geography, socio-cultural text analysis combined with sightseeing tours, telebridges and online projects with Professors and students from the University of Georgia (USA) the module garantees to form linguistic and cultural competence.

The Department of Linguistics and Translation&Interpreting studies of the School of Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication also offers two Master’s programmes:

  • T&I in the Area of Economics, Management and Law;
  • The Theory and Practice of Cross-Cultural Communication.

The MA in T&I in the Area of Economics, Management and Law offers key skills training and excellence across agreed European standards for professional T&I and market demand in the domains of Economics, Management and Law.

This programme is intended to open new avenues of thought while providing a firm foundation in the discipline of T&I studies. With equal emphasis on the practical aspects of T&I process and the underlying theoretical issues it will be of interest to graduate linguists, whatever their future career route.

The MA adopts a combined approach to translator and interpreter training, focusing on a practical and reflective skills which a translator or interpreter requires to complete high-quality T&I projects that satisfy the needs of clients.

This is achieved by a balanced programme of modules over two years before focusing on a dissertation in the final part of the course. The courses studied are “Language and Linguistics”, “Theory and History of Translation Studies”, “Interpretation Studies (simultaneous, consecutive with note-taking), “Translation of Economics, Management and Law Texts’”, “Public Speaking”, “Terminology”, “Information Technologies In Translation”, “Pre-Translation Analysis and Editing of Texts” etc.

All lectures and practical sessions are delivered by PhDs with many-year relevant experience in the sphere of linguistics and T&I.

The MA in The Theory and Practice of Cross-Cultural Communication enables one to meet the growing need for increased knowledge in cross-cultural communication when changing social conditions and circumstances require new and fresh ways of interacting and communicating with people of other cultures.

The course covers understanding how national cultures, human behavior and language reflexively interconnect and how such knowledge can be effectively applied in everyday experience.

The MA programme focuses on the theory and practice of Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Studies, Country Studies through Language, Russian Studies. The hallmark of the programme is intensive instruction in the English language and a second foreign language (German, French, Spanish etc), and a combination of disciplines that study how language works in the context of national cultures.

Natalia TimkoStudents are introduced to modern schools of linguistics and are taught methods of cross-cultural analysis and strategies of facilitating cross-cultural dialogue. A number of subjects are taught in English, and there are ample opportunities for speakers of foreign languages to pursue an interest in the Russian Studies. Also in the course of the programme the training on translation and consecutive interpreting is provided.

Head of the MA Programme
Natalia Timko, PhD

Last updated in January 2020

Head of Department

Natalya Parshina Natalya Parshina

Ph.D. in Linguistics


3, Novo-Sportivnaya, Odintsovo, Moscow Region
Room: 537
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