School of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication

The School of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication is a MGIMO School founded at Odintsovo campus that teaches future linguists: Experts on cultural studies, communicators/negotiators, translators/interpreters, professional and media discourse analysts, researchers and language educators. The school incorporates traditions of fundamental education and research in linguistics with innovative tele-communicative technologies in its programs. The acquired skills in modern languages, cultures and public speech are a major advantage for future linguists to be further implemented on the international arena.

In the Fall 2018 the department launched a new Bachelor’s Degree Program module on Russian Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication (in English).

The Bachelor and Master Degree programs of the department help students:

  • Receive quality education in linguistics including language theory and practice;
  • Acquire background knowledge of both Russian and world cultures;
  • Get unique experience of cross-cultural communication, translation and interpreting of professional discourse;
  • Learn to effectively cooperate in an international team using several modern languages.

What are career opportunities of the department B.A. and M.A. programs graduates?

MGIMO graduates are sought by employers internationally and the career prospects for a successful graduate student of MGIMO Linguistic Programs are excellent. Among them:

  • Expert on Russia/ British/ American Area Studies
  • Cultural Consultant /Communicator /Negotiator
  • Linguistic Analyst in Professional and Media Discourse
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Manager
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • Russian / English / German / French / Spanish Language and Culture Instructor

The department graduates can work in business, government or industries as experts on Russian/ British/ American area studies, language, culture and history. They can also specialize in translation and interpreting or teaching Russian / English / German / French / Spanish as a foreign language. Research in linguistics or guiding business are also options. Internships are organized with MGIMO’s partners that specialize in banking, oil and gas, government, education and culture sectors.

Upon graduation students are expected to be proficient in two foreign language other than Russian and their native tongue.

B.A. graduates may apply to join either MGIMO graduate programs taught in English, dual-degree M.A. programs, a wide variety of M.A. programs at MGIMO University or other Russian universities taught in Russian.


Valentina Ikonnikova Valentina Ikonnikova

Ph.D. (Doctoral research) in Linguistics, Associate Professor


3, Novo-Sportivnaya, Odintsovo, Moscow Region
Room: 516

+7 495 661-71-98 (inner 51-61)