World Economy Department

The World Economy Department was established at MGIMO in 1958 as a result of merging the Geography of Western Countries Department, the Economy and Geography of Eastern Countries Department and the Economy Department.

The main target of the Department is to train specialists in the sphere of the world economy and the economy of various countries and regions.

A lot of works on the world economy and the economy of certain countries have been published by the staff of the Department. Some of them are translated in foreign languages. These works are important source of knowledge for students from Russia and CIS counties.

The most famous textbooks published by the Department staff lately are “The World Economy”, “The Economy of the Ex-Soviet Republics”, “The World Economy and the International Economic Relations” (edited by Professor Alexander S.Bulatov) as well as “The World Economy” (5th edition) by Professor Victor K.Lomakin.

The Department staff has also prepared plenty of textbooks and monographs on economy of various countries and regions.

The main courses of the Department are “The World Economy”, “The National Economy / The Economy of the Russian Federation”, as well as “The Economic Geography”, “The Economy of the Ex-Soviet Republics” and a lot of courses on the Economy of various countries and world regions (among them the Economy of the EU, the Economy of France, the Economy of the South Asian Countries, the Economy of China etc.).

The Department staff regularly publish books and articles on topical aspects of world economy, maintain working relations with colleagues from foreign institutes and universities, go on study-tours abroad.

The Department issues the electronic journal “The World and National Economy”, holds on a regular basis various round – table conferences.

Professor Natalia V.Galistcheva has been at the head of the Department since October 2016.


Vladimir Shitov

Vladimir Shitov

Doctor of science (Economics), Professor

Head of the department

World Economy Department

Professor Natalia Galistcheva, PhD


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Room: 2113