World Economy Department

The World Economy Department was established at MGIMO in 1958 as a result of merging the Geography of Western Countries Department and the Economy and Geography of Eastern Countries Department. Among its staff were prominent experts in economic geography from the MSU Geography Faculty who were employed at MGIMO on a part-time basis (Nikolay N. Baransky, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; Professors Ivan A. Vitver and Anatoly T. Khrushchev, Associate Professor Yu. A. Kolosova, and others). The Department was headed by Petr I. Glushakov. The main target of the Department is to train specialists in the world economy and the economy of individual countries and regions.

In the past decade, the professional focus of the Department has not changed: it is still the world economy and regional studies, the economy of individual countries and regions of the world. However, the range of courses on global issues has expanded and now includes “Economic modelling of international relations”, “Current issues in the world economy”, “Knowledge-driven economy”, “Promoting international development”, “Comparative economics”, “Digital economy”, “International political economy”, “China–India in Asia”, and others. In total, the Department faculty deliver over 45 lecture courses.

Another trend is further intensification of methodological and research activities. The Department is actively preparing textbooks, manuals and digests. The textbook entitled “The World Economy and the International Economic Relations” and the manual “The Economy of Russia and Former Soviet Countries” (edited by Professor Alexander S. Bulatov) are regularly republished. In 2021, the KNORUS Publisher issued a collective monograph “World Development Indicators” edited by Larisa M. Kapitsa that aims to introduce to the Russian public new conceptual approaches and assessment methods of world socio-economic and political development processes. In 2022, a team of authors from the Department published a textbook at MGIMO University edited by Natalia V.Galistcheva and Larisa M. Kapitsa entitled “Promoting International Development”. It sheds light on new mechanisms and tools in promoting international development as well as modes and formats of interaction of the development actors in various areas and specific levels.

The Department annually organizes academic conferences for students.

The Department issues the electronic journal “The World and National Economy”, regularly holds joint roundtables with other academic and research institutions.

Since October 2016, Professor Natalia V.Galistcheva, Doctor of Science (Economics), has been at the head of the Department.


Vladimir Shitov

Vladimir Shitov

Doctor of science (Economics), Professor

Head of the department

World Economy Department

Professor Natalia Galistcheva, PhD


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