Department of World and Russian History

As a center for teaching fundamental history courses for all the Schools, the Department has existed since 1992. The main principles that serve as a basis for all the curricula of the Department are civilizational approach, comparativism, combination of basic traditions of Russian and world history with research and teaching techniques. Such principles are aimed at shaping a solid basis of modern historical knowledge as an inherent element of social experience and personal development among students. The following famous historians and qualified tutors, including professors, are teaching at the Department: Viktoria Ukolova, Yuri Bulatov, Valentin Korneev, Oleg Kudryavtsev, Mikhail Myagkov, Pavel Shkarenkov, Marina Bobkova, Andrey Usachev, Alexey Podberiozkin, Tatiana Chernikova, Yaroslav Vishnyakov.

The Department developed a set of basic and special courses which are taught at all School and take into account the major of each School. The students can study in depth the origins of the modern Russian civilization, shaping and development of the Russian state, history of Russia in the 19th — 21st centuries through the lens of new scientific approaches to Russian and world history. Special courses look into philosophy and theory of history, new developments in world historiography, the history of mindset. The students learn how to work with historical sources, get acquainted with the state of Russian and world archives holding information on various historical periods. In their first year the students of all Schools study a fundamental course on the History of Russia. A course on World History is taught at a number of Schools. The course «Simultaneous History of the World» by Prof. Ukolova was first taught at the IR School. The second-year IR students attend lectures and workshops on «Ethnic and Political History of Russia». The Department teaches innovative courses on «Shaping the European Civilization and its Basic Values» by Prof. Ukolova for MA IR students.

The Department also is a methodological center participating in the development of curricula and teaching materials for Russian universities and schools. The tutors of the Department are authors and main editors of student books on world history, history of world civilizations, history of Ancient World, Middle Ages, modern history, history of the 20th century, Russian history and modern times as well as culture of different ages. They are also part of federal and regional councils which develop modern methodology of teaching history. Professors Tatiana Chernikova and Yaroslav Vishnyakov, Associate Professors Nikolai Kopylov, Sergei Monin and Nikolai Mogilevsky are experts on training for unified state exam and organizing it.

The Department actively introduces such formats of working with students as simulation games, workshops in the museums of Moscow and Moscow region. The Department regularly organizes workshops and lectures combined with excursions to the towns and historical sites of our country. A discussion history club, Kassiodor, works under the auspices of the Department.

Last updated in October 2016

Head of Department

Mikhail Lipkin Mikhail Lipkin

Doctor of History, Professor


+7 495 229-38-49 (inner 14-08)
Room: 3103