Department of German Language

Department of German Language, one of the oldest language departments at the University, was established in 1944, a hard year of the Great Patriotic War. It was then that the School of International Relations was established. Within the School, there were three language departments (English, German and French).

The faculty of the Department have accumulated rich experience and traditions which make it possible to train graduates with a good command of German language. Lecturers and professors use modern textbooks and study guides which preserve the best part of old textbooks, but have been revised with due regard for the new political realities. Many of our former students have become highly qualified specialists, have successfully worked and are currently working at the most prestigious domestic and foreign institutions in such areas as foreign policy and political science, international relations, international law, international business, international journalism, as well as international tourism and public relations.

Currently, there are 66 staff members working at German Language Department. Among them, there are 4 professors, 33 associate professors, 17 assistant professors, 8 lecturers and 2 laboratory assistants. Among the 64 faculty, there are 2 Doctors of Philological Sciences, 46 Candidates of Sciences (36 Candidates of Philological Sciences, 7 Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Juridical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Political Sciences, 1 Candidate of Historical Sciences). 8 lecturers are currently working on their PhD dissertations.


Marina Chigasheva

Marina Chigasheva

Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate professor

Head of Department

Olga Printsipalova Olga Printsipalova

Ph.D. in Linguistics


+7 495 229-40-12 (inner 13-68)
Room: 2102