Department of English Language

English Department No1 was the first and until 1969 the only department of the English language at MGIMO University. Today the Department offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses reflecting the specific character of the University’s School of International Relations: the study of English goes hand in hand with the study of international relations, diplomacy and international organizations as well as the state and political systems of English-speaking countries (above all, the UK and the US), their history, culture and traditions.

This approach is reflected in the academic programs developed by the Department and the materials authored by several generations of its faculty. The recently published textbooks include coursebooks by Elena B.Yastrebova, Olga A.Kravtsova, Dmitry A.Kryachkov, Lyudmila G.Vladykina, Valentina N.Tribunskaya, Elena E.Osetrova, Irina V.Kudachkina, Lyubov N. Kubias, Lidiya K.Yanitskaya and others.

The Department remains at the forefront of innovation in blended learning. Based on iTrainium Pro © technology, the e-version of A Course of English for University Students (by Elena B.Yastrebova, Lyudmila G. Vladykina and Marina V. Ermakova), devised by Associate Professor Dmitry N. Novikov, has been used by second-year students as a complement to the print book for out-of-classroom language accuracy activities. A similar e-supplement has been developed for Lidiya K.Yanitskaya’s A Course of English for third-year students. As language competency is partly developed outside the formal classroom, e-learning helps transform the vocabulary- and grammar-based syllabus into a truly communicative one — the valuable contact time is saved for communicative activities, pair work, role plays and projects simulating real life communication.

The department is home to a number of experienced translators as well as conference and consecutive interpreters, who draw on their expertise when developing translation competence of the School’s bachelors and masters. These include Valentina N. Tribunskaya, Elena Y. Kudryavtseva, Elena A. Karelskaya, Valeriya Sh. Kurmakaeva and Dmitry A. Kryachkov.

Apart from teaching, the Department’s faculty are actively engaged in research activities. Research interests rest primarily in linguistics and teaching methodology. At present, several members of the faculty are preparing their PhD dissertations. Articles written by the faculty are published in various academic journals and collections of research papers both in Russia and abroad.

The Department also organizes the biennial conference «The Magic of Innovation» which focuses on various issues related to modern linguistic studies and innovative approaches to teaching foreign languages.

Today the Department has more than 60 faculty, many of whom are under 30. At the same time, it boasts experienced professors who have dedicated several decades of their career to the University and its students.

For many years, the Department was headed by Maria V.Boikova, who was succeeded by Gali G.Yudina, Tatiana A.Konstantinova and Valentina N.Tribunskaya. Now it is run by Dmitry A.Kryachkov.

Head of Department

Dmitry Kryachkov Dmitry Kryachkov

Ph.D. in Linguistics


+7 495 225-40-47 (inner 13-79)
Room: 2122