English Language Department №3

English Department №3 was founded in 1976 and up to 2010 had trained students at two faculties — International Journalism and International Law.

English Department №3 became part of the Faculty of International Journalism in 2010 and since then the faculty members have been teaching English to students specializing in international journalism, sociology and Public Relations. The study of English is based on authentic materials — students’books and manuals by English speaking authors. However, the staff devises its own manuals and textbooks for students in order to enhance the learning experience. Students at the faculty are taught General English, the language of profession (journalism, sociology and Public Relations), special attention in the work with mass media is paid to developing translational skills of the students.

In 2018 a post-graduate school was opened at the English Department, which prepares specialists of a higher qualification. The faculty members do research here and get PhD (advanced including) in linguistics. There were designed three courses for this program — «Germanic languages», «The topical issues of modern Anglistics and general linguistics» and «English in the field of linguistics and literary studies». There are post-graduates and doctorates working under the supervision of Dr. T.Ivushkina and Dr. E.Pozdnyakova.

English Department №3 is a young, mobile and promising team of educators, who are embracing new specialties and technologies, continuing their studies in post graduate school and constantly improving their professional knowledge and skills. It consists of 41 members with 3 doctors and 15 candidates.

Head of Department

Tatiana Ivushkina Tatiana Ivushkina

Doctor of Philology, Professor


+7 495 225-40-48 (inner 13-57)
Room: 4128