Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology was established at the Faculty of International Journalism in 1991. The first formative years culminated in the appointment of Prof. Sergey Aleksandrovich Kravchenko as its Chair in 1995. Since then the Department has been firmly and successfully on its way to becoming an important academic center recognized both nationally and abroad. Such reputation results from the tireless work in attracting the best available academics; publishing (both in Russian and English) research articles, monographs and collections in leading scientific press; composing a wealth of material for students: textbooks, dictionaries, research ma­nuals, and reference guides.

Since 1998 various members of the department have taken an active part in all of the major sociological conferences, symposia, and congresses both domestically and abroad. Over the years through organizing conferences we have also received a number of world-renowned scholars ourselves:
Edward Tiryakian (Duke University, USA),
Thomas Luckmann (University of Constance, Germany),
George Ritzer (University of Maryland, USA),
John Urry (Lancaster University, Great Britain),
Per Månson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden),
Jeffrey Alexander (Yale University, USA),
Ellen Mickiewicz (Duke University, USA).

In its development the Department of Sociology has reached a point in which half of its staff hold doctoral degrees. This, along with the Faculty’s focus on combining original teaching and research, allowed the Department of Sociology to form a doctoral dissertation-defense council specializing in such fields as Theory, Methodology and History of Sociology, Political Sociology, and The Sociology of Management. These are also the areas in which our graduate and postgraduate students major.

While the research and teaching by the Department of Sociology encompasses all of the principle themes of the sociological science, in 2005 we established a special undergraduate division on the Sociology of Mass Communication. Its curriculum aims at inculcating both theoretical and practical grasp of doing research on so as to prepare our students for working in mass-media, marketing, and public relations.

Head of Department

Sergey Kravchenko Sergey Kravchenko

Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), Professor


+7 495 225-40-89 (inner 13-88)
Room: 4163