Department of Media Policy and Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations was established in July 2001. Life itself predetermined its birth. Back in 1990, an experimental course in public relations was introduced at the Faculty of International Information (which has now been given back its original name - Faculty of International Journalism). In 1991, a public relations department was created, and the first graduation of students in the specialty of SO dates back to 1992. From September 1, 2020, the department is called “media policy and public relations”.

The renaming of the department was due to the work carried out to adapt the entire complex of pedagogical and scientific-methodological work of the department according to undergraduate and graduate programs to the changed requirements currently imposed on the activities of the University's educational units, taking into account the tasks of introducing advanced innovative technologies into the educational process as the main training center international specialists. The functionality of the disciplines taught at the department and the ongoing scientific and methodological work was expanded, going beyond the scope of advertising and public relations in the direction of the direction of integrated training in communication activities and media policy generally accepted in industrialized countries.

Priority attention is paid to the practice-orientedness of the entire educational process in order to consistently form students' knowledge, abilities, skills and competencies of broad-based media specialists. This approach meets the needs of specialists in the foreign policy apparatus of the Russian Federation (communication support for the foreign policy of the Russian Federation), practically all links of the state vertical system of government and management bodies (public relations departments at the federal and regional levels up to local government bodies), the commercial sector (communication structures Russian TNCs and TNBs operating on international markets, state corporations, domestic companies of large and medium-sized businesses), public and non-profit organizations, as well as various international structures with a Russian representative office.


Head of Department

Petr Menshikov Petr Menshikov

Ph.D. in History


+7 495 225-40-43 (inner 13-72)
Room: 4129