Department of International Journalism

Objectivity, honesty and mastery — that are the key demands, in accordance with which, (starting from 1968 and first Head of the Department Sh.SANAKOYEV) the members of the Department of the International Journalism teach the future correspondents, publicists and political analysts.

The whole Department’s activity is aimed to the students’ preparation for the implementation of their journalistic responsibilities at the highest professional level, reflecting the acquired knowledge of the basics in history, theory and practice of journalism, as well as their elaboration of the indispensable abilities and skills for the practical work in the chosen profession.

The Department’s teaching programs are made-up in a full compliance with the State educational standards of the second generation higher professional preparation in the field «International Journalism»; they respond to the today challenges and completely justify themselves during the preparation of contemporary specialists in the international journalism. Their main task is the creation of the basic concepts for the civil society systematic patterns, the demonstration of the fundamental forms and methods of the journalist’s participation in planning, organization and constructing of the massive information flows, as well as comprehension and coverage of the international political, economical and socio-cultural processes.

The Department Staff is distinguished by the higher level of their professional and pedagogical education. The leading Russian practical journalists, politicians and statesmen also take active part in the teaching process. Members of the Department have already formed the solid scientific school in the field of the International Journalism. It is endorsed by a number of events, like the scientific conferences and symposiums, «round tables», scientific and educational publications dedicated to the practical issues of journalism and functioning of the today’s media and the international journalists’ development in the modern society. During its existence the Department has issued more than 40 textbooks, manuals and collective publications of its members’ scientific research.

The teaching activity of the Department is not limited by the lectures and seminars. The educational process is extended and continues much after the regular school hours. There are numerous international projects jointly elaborated by students and their instructors, discussions and competitions, regular practical acquaintance with the leading media organisations, the non-trivial guest lecturing, «School of the young photographer» (headed by I.Lileyev), and — of course — the Department’s monthly «Mezhdunarodnick» («International Journalist»).

This latter publication is a terrific area for the creative activity of the students. Here they can be fully engaged in the actual process of the media publications preparation — starting with the elaboration of its initial concept and up to the final making-up and printing of a hard copy.

Bachelors’ level:

  • Actual problems of the international journalism and public relations.
  • Actual problems of the international broadcasting on the Russian TV
  • Analytical Journalism
  • Basics of the journalist activity
  • Economical journalism
  • Economics and management in journalism
  • Editor-in chief (master-class)
  • Enhancement of the journalist’s creative abilities and communication technologies (in English)
  • General journalism (master-class)
  • Geopolitical journalism
  • History of the foreign journalism
  • History of the Russian journalism
  • Journalist’s professional instruments
  • Journalist’s professional ethics
  • Judicial issues in journalism
  • Psychology of mass communication
  • Media and world civilizations
  • Media technology
  • TV journalism

Master’s level:

  • Deontology of journalism
  • Journalism as the socio-cultural phenomenon
  • The basics of the media-business
  • The fundamentals in the journalist materials preparation
  • The work of the correspondent as the creator of the positive image of Russia abroad
  • Modern theory of mass communication
  • Theory and practice of business journalism
  • TV-journalism technology
  • Technical preparation of the visual materials for the TV and the Internet
  • TV broadcasting for abroad (practical work at the «Russia Today» TV station)
  • Media language and stylistics

The Head of the Department:
Nikita V. Shevtsov, Associate professor, Ph.D. in History

Graduate from this Department in 1973. 1984–1991 — special correspondent of the newspaper «Trud» in Tchechoslovakia. 1991–2001 — the same newspaper special correspondent in Belgium. In his reports from those countries, as well as in correspondences from the other European states, N.Shevtsov paid special attention to the problems of European civilizations, history of European literature, architecture, painting and sculptures. The collected materials were compiled in his published books «From your own correspondent» and «From your special correspondent».

Department Staff:

  • Yaroslav L. Skvortsov, Dean of the School of International Journalism, Associate professor, Ph. D. in Sociology
  • Nikita S. Anisimov, Associate professor, Ph. D. in Philosophy
  • G.S. Charodeyev, Assistant professor
  • Natalia I. Chernysheva, Honorary Professor of the School of International Journalism
  • Sergei V. Chugrov, professor, Dr. habil in Sociology
  • Sergey V. Filatov, Assistant professor
  • Igor A. Drobyshev, Assistant professor
  • V.N. Dymarsky, Professor
  • Pavel A.Negoitsa, Professor
  • Nikolai v. Gazdyuk, Associate professor, Ph. D. in History
  • Boris A. Gontarev, Professor, Ph. D. in Chemistry
  • Sergei P. Gryzunov, Professor, Ph. D. in History
  • Leonid G. Ivashov, Professor
  • Dmitry K. Zykov, Professor
  • Andrey A. Birukov, Professor
  • Yuri G. Kobaladze, Professor
  • S.E. Kudasov, Assistant professor
  • Olga I. Kuzmina, Assistant professor
  • Vladimir R. Legoida, Professor, Ph. D. in Political Science
  • Igor v. Lileyev, Assistant professor
  • Victor G. Loshak, Professor
  • Marine D. Romanova, Assistant professor
  • Helen S. Sycheva, Assistant professor
  • Sergey S.Makulov, Assistant professor
  • Sergei K. Oznobischev, Professor, Ph. D. in History
  • Vladimir V. Sokolov, Associate professor, Ph. D. in Sociology
  • Vladimir V. Sukhoy, Professor
  • Elena E. Yusupova, Associate professor, Ph. D. in History, Deputy Dean
  • Sergei V. Vereikin, Assistant professor


Head of the department

Department of International Journalism

Nikita Shevtsov, PhD


+7 495 225-38-84 (inner 14-92)
Room: 4124