School of International Journalism

The School of International Journalism was created on the basis of the School of International Relations in 1968. It accumulated a special group of students who were competent, intelligent and highly educated as well as creative, able to bring information together, expertly process it and put it across to various target audiences and focus groups in an easy-to-understand and effective way.

Nearly fifty years since, a lot of the School’s graduates have proved to become brilliant journalists. Among them are Artjom Borovik, Vladimir Suhoj, Sergej Briljov, Stanislav Kucher, Aleksandr Gurnov, Vladimir Luskanov, Sergej Kondulukov, Aleksandr Lazarev, Konstantin Vybornov, Vladimir Legojda.

The School’s education aims at the preparation of specialists in the fields of international journalism, advertising and public relations as well as in sociology.

The School of International Journalism was the first in Russia to establish the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, whose alumni later founded widely known and successfully operating communication agencies.

The Department of Sociology of Mass Communication has been preparing specialists since 2005. It combines in-depth study of sociology with the professional exploration of actual trends in journalism, media, foreign languages and international issues.

Since February 2005 the School of International Journalism has been headed by Jaroslav Skvorcov, Associate professor, PhD in Sociology.