English Language Department №2

English Language Department №2, set up in 1969, brings together two areas of language studies — General English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) — for both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in international economic relations.

The General English course focuses on accuracy and fluency in the English language. The integrated skills curriculum is aimed at improving the five language skills and building professional competences. Students also get insight into cultural aspects of life in English speaking countries, thus acquiring cross-cultural

The ESP course has an applied nature and is designed to help students develop the skills and competences required for their future professional activities. Including unique and innovative teaching methods, the course effectively complements students’ main field of study — accounting, finance, business management, logistics, economics, etc.

The Department ranks highly among all the University divisions and keeps up to date with all relevant academic and economic trends and events.

Being at the forefront of research activity, the Department stimulates scholarly endeavor that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Our in-depth and diverse research stretches from philology and teaching methodology to the intersection between linguistics and psycholinguistics. This diversity promotes an interdisciplinary culture.

Most of our academic staff are dedicated professionals, holding academic degrees in a variety of disciplines, from education and linguistics to sociology and economics. Staff members are the authors of books which are highly acclaimed in the academic community. Resources relating to our academic curriculum are available both in the University library and online.

The Department is home to a range of major collaborative training opportunities and events designed to enhance academic and transferable skills.

From 1998 to 2018 the Department was headed  by Larissa S. Pichkova, a graduate of the Faculty of International Economic Relations of MGIMO-University. Holder of two academic titles — Esteemed Scholar of the Russian Federation and Academic Emeritus in Professional Higher Education — she is the author of a wide range of publications and books, including «Stock Market Dictionary», «English for Accountants», «Commercial English» and the award-winning book «English in Economics. Translation and Precis Writing» in the nomination «The Best Academic Book in Foreign Languages» at the Moscow International Book Fair 2010.

In 2018 Olga O. Chertovskikh was appointed as the Head of English Language Department №2.


  • Undergraduate Programme for students seeking their Bachelor’s degree,
  • Postgraduate Programme for students seeking Master’s degree, MBA.

General English

The course focuses on accuracy and fluency in the English language. The integrated skills curriculum is aimed at improving the five language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation) and building professional competences. Students also read a selection of best English and American authors, thus getting insight into traditions and cultural aspects of life in English-speaking countries. A fully-equipped multimedia laboratory is available for students to develop listening comprehension and speaking skills through a variety of engaging tasks.

Course literature:

  • M.Tarnovskaya, O.Chertovskikh ADVANCE YOUR DISCUSSION, DEBATING & PRESENTATION SKILLS. — Moscow, MGIMO-University, 2018.
  • E.Voevoda, M.Timchenko. A Course of English. Intermediate. Student’s Book. Part 1. — Moscow: MGIMO-University, 2015.
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ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

The course is designed to help students develop the skills and competences required for their future professional activity: accounting, auditing, banking, business communication, economics, finance, insurance, logistics, management, marketing. It includes unique and innovative methods aimed at developing interpretation and translation skills in the field of business and economics.

Course literature:

  • L.Pichkova, N.Andreeva, M.Kulemekova, T.Skvortsova Commercial English. — Moscow, MGIMO-University, 2018.
  • L.Pichkova, J.Bochkova, M.Grineva, L.Pantyukhina Language of Economics. Translation; précis writing. Theory and practice. Parts I, II — Moscow, MGIMO-University, 2018.
  • S.Alekseeva , A.Skurova English: Global banking. Moscow, MGIMO- University, 2019.
  • E.Ostrovskaya, O.Smirnova Springboard to Business Success, Moscow, MGIMO-University, 2019.
  • S.Alekseeva , A.Skurova English: Stock-market. Moscow, MGIMO- University, 2010.

Academic staff

Administrative staff

  • Derevyanko, Antonina  department administrator
  • Dubasova, Anna  department coordinator
  • Ulyakhina, Ekaterina  department coordinator


English Language Department №2

Olga Chertovskikh, PhD


+7 495 225-37-62 (inner 13-53)
Room: 2012