Department of Mathematics, Econometrics and Information technology

Due to the rapid development of the mathematical and statisctical methods in economics in the 60-70th, the administration of MGIMO has established in 1975 the Department of Mathematics. Before 1975, at the department of accounting and statistics there was a working group of teachers who lectured classes in mathematics and mathematical methods in economics for the students of the School of International Economic Relations. The new department was headed by Professor V.B.Tihomirov and the math curriculum has been expanded to the introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics. In the 80th the department was headed by assistant professor N.E.Arhangelskiy and assistant professor S.A.Chigir (since 1986). At the end of the 80th the department has been renamed to «The Department of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science» since one of the most important direction of the department activity was courses on computer science and the applications of information technology in economic activity. In 1990 MGIMO University was one of the first institutes in Moscow who has begun teaching computer science on the basis of the Windows operating system.

From 1993 till 2015 the department has been headed by Professor A.V.Stepanov. In 1999, the Department has been renamed to «The Department of Mathematical Methods and Information Technologies». From this moment, the number of computer classes has been increased to seven, the classes has been designed for simultaneous operation of almost two hundred students. The classes are equipped with modern computers under the local network with the direct access to the Internet. The classes have been setted up by unique network hardware training systems to manage the learning process.

In 2006, under the direct involvement of the Department at the School of International Economical Relations has been opened specialty «Information technologies in international business». This direction is preparing highly qualified specialists in the applications of modern information technologies to applied economics, finance, marketing. Graduated students of this specialization are required by the market and work in leading Russian and international companies.

The department works closely with the company SAP AG (one of the world’s leading software company) under the SAP University Alliance program. Employees of the department are certified teachers on SAP products, regularly participate in SAP University Alliance events. Business games and seminars on SAP products are held regularly on the basis of the Department and computer classes.

In 2008, with the participation of the New Economic School the department of «Econometrics and Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis» has been created The aim was to deepen the teaching on econometrics and special mathematical disciplines. The Department lectured courses «Econometrics», «Econometrics-2», «Time Series Econometrics», «Methods of Optimization» and «Game Theory» in a bachelor degree and a master’s degree. From 2008 to 2015. department was headed by N.V.Artamonov.

In 2015, through the merger of the Department «Mathematical Methods and Information Technology» and «Econometrics and Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis» was founded the department of «Mathematics, Econometrics and Information technology», which was headed by Associate professor N.V.Artamonov. The department plan includes linear algebra, mathematical analysis, probability theory and mathematical statistics, econometrics, methods of optimization, game theory, computer science, computer economic data processing technologies, econometrics time series econometrics of financial markets, financial mathematics, project management, architecture computer systems, modeling and analysis of business processes, information systems, economics, creative technologies in business and many others.

Head of Department

Nikita Artamonov Nikita Artamonov

Ph.D. in Mathematics


+7 495 229-38-13 (inner 13-30)
Room: 4022