Department of International Transport and Shipping

Department of International Transport and Shipping is among the oldest establishments at MGIMO University within the School of International Economic Relations. Department was established back in 1975 and was named Department of International Shipping. During its first years main mission of Department was to educate both young and experienced people for Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Merchant Marine as well as to State Trade Representatives abroad and State run Trading Houses.

Georgii A. Maslov was the first Head of Department. Mr. Maslov was at that time the Chairman of «Sovinnflot» — State-run entity executing functions of shipping agent to foreign flagged vessels calling at Soviet ports. Mr. Maslov was industry professional of the highest level — he was Head of the Legal Committee of IMCO (now IMO) for twelve consecutive years, from 1967 to 1979.

Advanced level of education was further supported by Professor Dmitry S. Nikolaev, who acted as Head of Department from 1982 to 2003. In 1985 Department changed its name to «International Transport and Logistics». This change reflected a new academic approach with new courses related to supply chain management being introduced to programs. Educational programs of ITL Department were unique.

In 2013 Department made a new step in its development, a partnership Agreement was signed with UMMC (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) and a MBA Program «International Transport and Shipping» was launched. This MBA Program received high scores from AMBA performing accreditation of MGIMO School of Business and International Competencies and proved to be a success with four groups completing education in five years time-frame.

Department is constantly focusing efforts to further improve and deepen academic research. In 2016 a text book «Transport and logistics in International Trade» was published.

Head of the department

Department of International Transport and Shipping

Tysyachnikov Aleksandr


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