Laboratory for Research on Leadership in the Global Digital Economy

The Laboratory for Research on Leadership in the Global Digital Economy of the Department of Asset Management of the MGIMO University was established in 2020.

The Lab studies digital leadership from the point of view of economic and managerial principles, patterns and trends of value creation based on digital leadership, assessment of the economic effectiveness of technological leadership, methods of state regulation of digital manifestations and technologies.

We promote the cross-industry interaction of new technologies, such as financial technology, artificial intelligence, and neurotechnology-to connect, collaborate, and lead.

Our Mission

The Lab’s activities are aimed at promising research on the development of these areas at the global level, through intersectoral and international coordination, as well as the development of expert solutions for the Russian segment of financial technologies, artificial intelligence and neurotechnologies, and their industry associations, public administration and regulatory bodies.

We carry out:

  • research and development activities;
  • educational and methodical work;
  • expert and consulting activities.

Using a comprehensive approach to technology and sustainability research, the Lab expands opportunities towards a technologically advanced, efficient, and socially responsible future.