Department of Accounting, Statistics and Audit

The Department of Accounting, Statistics and Audit (before 1991 known as the Department of Accounting and Statistics) was founded in 1949 with the establishment of the Institute of International Economic Relations. Professor Nathan R. Veitsman (1894-1981), PhD in Economics, was the first to head the Department. One of the first to introduce the economy analysis subject in Russia, Nathan R. Veitsman held the position of the Department Head till 1966. He was succeeded by an outstanding scientist, prominent accounting expert as well as Honoured Science Worker of the Russian SFSR Alexander F. Moukhin (1921-1997), PhD in Economics, who was the head of the Department for the period 1966-1997. From November 1997 to February 1998 the Department was under direction of Associate Professor Yuri A. Evseev (1934-1998), PhD in Economics. From 1998 to 2018 the Department was supervised by an expert in international and foreign trade statistics Professor Nataliya Eu. Grigoruk. An expert in financial  and management accounting Professor Ekaterina Yu. Voronova, PhD in Economics, now is the head of the Department.

Currently the Department has 3 Professors, 12 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Lecturers and 5 Lecturers and offers over 100 general and specific courses across most of the University’s faculties.

The Department of Accounting, Statistics and Audit is continuously working to improve scientific and educational base by providing a wide range of publications and books. Academic staff take part in local, national and international professional events, attend conferences and participate in round-table discussions and workshops in Russia and abroad.

One of the Department’s main priorities nowadays is the application of computer technologies to the study process. The students’ curriculum includes “IT in accounting”, “Corporation Plus simulation” and other courses as well as mandatory e-testing. The Department relies on IT products for accountants (law reference system “Consultant-Plus” and accounting reference system “Glavbukh”). Online lecture courses across multiple disciplines are now under development.

The Department constantly engages students in research activities. They take part in a great number of international conferences, Olympiads and other events held by major universities and organizations. Those include “CFA Research Challenge” (by CFA-Russia), International Accounting and Taxation Olympiad (by reference system “Glavbukh” together with Financial University under the  Government of the Russian Federation and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics) as well as International Academic Conference for Students and Graduate Students “Statistical Methods for Analysis of the Economy and Society” (by the National Research University Higher School of Economics).

Targeted efforts are being made to provide the Department’s members with opportunities for advanced training and internships in practicing companies. For instance, the Department organizes regular professional development programs that bring together academic staff and visiting practitioners.

Last update — Junу 2022


Marina Simonova

Marina Simonova

Dr habil. (econ.), Associate Professor

Head of Department

Ekaterina Voronova Ekaterina Voronova

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


+7 495 229-38-21 (inner 13-28)
Room: 3020