English Language Department №4

English Language Department #4 is part of the School of International Business and Business Administration (IBBA) which was set up in 1992. Since June 2016 the staff have also been  teaching English in the School of Applied Economics and Commerce.

The Bachelor Degree Programmes — “Management”, “Ecology and Natural Resource Management” and “Commerce” — address high quality language learning. Clearly defined Syllabi requirements have enabled us to set and prioritize prime objectives. To meet the communicative and professional needs of students an academic and methodological complex has been drawn up and piloted for each academic level on the basis of the latest methodology. The teaching materials help to raise the awareness of the students of the current economic and environmental issues. They foster their analytical, research and critical skills and competencies, and implement situational research and problem-based methodology encouraging discussion and debating in English.

The Department hosts eight Master Programmes, including, inter alia, the following:

  • “Training of International Middle Managers - MIEX” (in association with the ICN School of Management, Nancy, France, and the University of Bologna, Italy)
  • “Sustainable Development and Strategic Management in the Energy Industry” (in association with St. Andrew’s University, the UK)
  • “International Business in the Oil and Gas sector and Arctic Resources Development” (in association with Nord University, Bodø, Norway).

In the learning process the English language becomes a working tool enabling our students not only to be equipped with the skills and knowledge of the language but to use their foreign language competencies for successful work in a multicultural business environment.

Last update — June 2020


Svetlana Ledeneva

Svetlana Ledeneva

Ph.D. in Philology

Head of Department

Maria Timchenko Maria Timchenko

Associate Professor, PhD


+7 495 229-40-32 (inner 15-52)
Room: 3055–3058