Department of Economic Policy and PPP

The Department of Economic Policy and PPP was founded in 2011. In its activity the Department combines studying process and applied research. The Department of Economic Policy and PPP is a division of the School of International Business and Business Administration but it’s scholars also teach at other faculties in accordance with the general University academic objectives. The courses of the Department lecturers are included into the curricula of the School of Applied Economics and Commerce, the School of International Economic Relations, the School of International Relations and the MGIMO Master’s degree programmes.

Principal directions of educational process

The Department provides scientific research and teaching on the following directions:

1.A group of issues related to state-business relations in present-day Russia and foreign countries:

  • Revealing and preventing political tension between business and government, the problems of creating administrative and political prerequisites for state-business cooperation;
  • PPP in Russia;
  • Methods and technologies of state-business relations;
  • The problems of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and regulation of the relations between entrepreneurs and society:
  • Social and ethic aspects of marketing;
  • Business ethics, international legal and economic standards of business activity for foreign companies operating in host countries;
  • The problem of preventing corruption in state-business relations;
  • International experience in regulation of state-business relations and business-society relations.

2.A group of issues related to enforcement of the economic policy:

  • The key forms and methods of the economic policy implementation;
  • State-business relations and business-society relations on key economic and political issues of modernization and development;
  • National and international economic security;
  • State support for business and business participation in implementation of the strategic state-supported national programmes;
  • Regional priorities of PPP development.

Key responsibilities of the Department

  • elaboration, enhancement and implementation of new special and general educational courses in state-business and business-society relations in accordance with the above mentioned priorities;
  • training of specialists (economists, managers and political scientists specializing in PPP, corporate governance and relations of business, government and social organizations) in Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programmes;
  • target education providing the partner organizations with qualified specialists.

The Department also works in collaboration with the PPP-Center.

Head of the department

Department of Economic Policy and PPP

Elena Zavyalova, PhD


+7 495 225-38-39 (inner 18-64)
Room: 3034