Department of Governmental Regulation

The Department of Governmental Regulation was established in 1997 and for several decades has been providing academic disciplines for all Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs, including Public and Municipal Administration, Political Science and International Relations.

The Department’s set of academic disciplines makes it possible to prepare highly professional experts with deep knowledge and necessary expertise in the field of ensuring the national security and sovereignty of the Russian Federation, the efficiency of civil service, implementation of national projects and programs.

The Department places special emphasis on developing an understanding the main principles and institutions of Russian law and international law, including the evolution, limits and potential thereof. It encourages students to think analytically about the implementation and development of legal acts and subsequently apply knowledge in their own professional career.

The Department aims to involve students in research activities. For this purpose, the conference «Russia in a Changing World» is held on an annual basis.

The Department’s full-time teaching staff comprises professors and scholars with substantial academic expertise together with governmental and business practitioners.

Head of Department

Vitaly Subochev Vitaly Subochev

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor


+7 495 229-53-80 (inner 13-77)
Room: 3172