English Department №6

English Language Department No.6 provides language training for bachelor and master students of the School of Governance and Politics in the areas of «Public and Municipal Administration», «Political Science» and «International Relations».

The courses are based mainly on educational materials developed by the teachers of the Department. Most of the textbooks published by the Department are unique and based on contemporary authentic materials that reflect the latest trends in public administration, political science and international relations.

In the course of the language reform launched by the Dean of the School of Governance and Politics, professor Henry T. Sardaryan, the Department is involved in updating the textbooks, taking into account the recommendations provided by the SGP specialized departments.

The Department contributes greatly to extra-curricular activities. The Department tends to prioritize holding panel discussions, role plays, and student conferences.

Every year, teachers of the Department undergo language training at leading linguistic universities in Russia (MSLU School of Pedagogical Excellence) and abroad (Oxford University), take an active part in international seminars and conferences on linguistics, methods of teaching foreign languages and the language of the profession.

Of course, one of the priorities of the Department is scientific work. The fields of scientific interests of the teaching staff are diverse and include the English language and its teaching methods as well as image studies, political discourse, philosophical anthropology and many other areas of scientific research.

Head of Department

Vera Selezneva Vera Selezneva

Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate Professor


+7 495 229-38-41 (inner 13-89)
Room: 3105