Department of World Politics

Department of World Politics, established in 1998, has proved to be among the leading ones in the field of World Politics and International Relations in Russia and abroad. The Department has successfully developed and tested the methodological foundations for teaching and research activity providing high-standard education for bachelor, master and PhD students alike.

The Department of World Politics teaches a wide variety of courses, whose syllabi are being regularly updated in accordance with the current state-of-art tendencies in international politics. Our approach is to reveal the key trends of global politics analyzing interaction of a wide range of transnational actors and co-development of diverse tendencies. The students are therefore concentrating on a variety of urgent issues such as economic aspects of world politics, global governance, public diplomacy, contemporary theories of international relations, global security, art of negotiations, the role of high technology, new threats and challenges, as well as tendencies in legal and cultural domains of international relations.

The Department is responsible for unique educational programs of higher education, to wit: Bachelor’s degree programs in International Relations «World Politics», «International Security», and «Multilateral Diplomacy» (in cooperation with the Swiss School for International Relations) as well as Master’s degree program in International Relations «International Humanitarian Cooperation».

For many years our lecturers train experts and practitioners highly competitive at the international labour market, especially in governmental structures, business corporations, mass media, non-governmental organizations and in the academic field.

Since its foundation the Department of World Politics has been headed by Professor, Honoured Worker of Higher Education and Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Marina Lebedeva, Dr. of Political Sciences.


Yulia Nikitina

Yulia Nikitina

Ph.D. in Political Science

Head of the department

Department of World Politics

Professor Marina Lebedeva, PhD


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