Department of Political Theory

The Department of Political Theory was established in 1999 as an avant-garde educational and scientific center. Since its establishment the Department has allowed students to engage deeply with a wide range of political science issues as well as fostered their market-oriented practical skills.

The cornerstone of the Department’s successful teaching and research results is the combination of academic brilliance and diverse practical experience its staff has. Each and every member of the Department — from a lecturer to a professor — possesses both sufficient experience in conducting research and a certain background of practical work as a civil servant, analyst, a state-owned or private company employee.

The Department offers the «Statecraft» bachelor program aiming to train professional politicians, top-managers, political experts and consultants majoring in political ideologies, public policy development and implementation as well as supervising political projects of different scales at various levels.

Students who choose the program will gain fundamental and systemized knowledge of disciplines such as «Public Political Expertise», «Applied Political Analysis», «Constructing and Deconstructing Political Ideologies», «Statecraft in Changing Technological Environment», «Political Economy», «Strategic Management in International Business». To top the brilliant academic training students are provided with all the necessary assistance to unleash and ameliorate their soft skills, especially those linked to communication, tackling new challenges and risk-resilience.

High-level training and multiple partnerships that the Department and the School of Governance and Politics maintain with the largest public sector employers guarantee a stable demand for the programs’ graduates in governmental bodies, state-owned corporations, think-tanks affiliated with major decision-making centers. Governmental bodies and companies where graduates of the programs work include the Presidential Executive Office, the State Duma Apparatus, the Federation Council Apparatus, the Ministry of Defense, «Rosoboroneksport», «Rosatom», «Rostech».

For master students the Department offers the program «Governmental and Corporate Strategies». At the second year of studies master students can opt for a program-track: «GR and Business Diplomacy» or «National Security Strategies».

The track «GR and Business Diplomacy» aspires to train specialists in defending and promoting the interests of the business both internationally and domestically. The program is aimed at training GR-and business diplomacy specialists, future representatives of the leading Russian companies to governmental structures abroad, to international business organizations and to foreign companies in Russia.

The track «National Security Strategies» focuses on training specialists in the governmental policy regarding national security, military-technical cooperation, arms trade and analytical support of the defense policy, as well as future representatives of the Russian military-industrial complex companies abroad.

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Alexander Nikitin

Alexander Nikitin

Ph.D. (International Relations), Professor

Head of Department

Tatiana Alekseeva Tatiana Alekseeva

Dr. of Philosophy, Professor


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