Department of Political Theory

The Department of Political Theory was established in 1999 simultaneously with the Faculty of Political Science of MGIMO. The aim of the scientific and pedagogical team is to familiarize students with the main categories, problems and theoretical approaches of modern political science, and to lay the ground for further study of specific political science disciplines and special courses.

The department provides almost all general theoretical courses, including «Theory of Politics», «Fundamentals of Political Science», «History of Political Studies», «Modern Political Theories», «Political Philosophy», «Political Sociology», «Political Psychology».

The scope of the department includes the preparation of a number of applied political courses: «Applied political analysis», «The process of making foreign policy decisions in Russia», and «Political Management». These courses are unique, in many ways representing the results of practical work of the faculty.

Within the framework of international cooperation, the Department implements the program of a double master diploma in «Political Science» jointly with the University of Florence, one of the largest and oldest universities in Italy and Europe in general. The University of Florence is widely known for its academic achievements, as well as eminent alumni, including J.Sartori, S.Pertini, G.Spadolini. The proposed master's program is focused on one of the most relevant and practical directions - GR-activity. Thus, the students of the program have the unique opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience of leading Russian and Italian specialists, backed by diplomas of the two leading specialized universities.

The Master's program «GR and International Lobbying» assumes a number of broad and highly specialized courses necessary for professional construction of civilized relations between business and government structures. Specialists in this field are engaged in influencing the actions and decisions of the authorities in order to protect the interests of their corporation, as well as preventing possible risks that arise periodically due to the short-sighted or even malicious actions of states and international organizations (which is especially important in the situation of sanctions targeting Russia). To date, the graduates of the program are in great demand at the international level, from Brussels to Rome - that is, in those companies where a competent representation of their own interests is required.

A team of professionals has formed around the Master's program «GR and International Lobbying», which includes leading theoreticians in the field of GR-activity, leaders of the Russian GR-League, employees and consultants of public authorities, etc.

The main core of the disciplines of this program are professionally oriented courses. They include, but not limited to «Strategic Management in International Business», «Modern Euro-Lobbying», «GR-analysis and Network Mapping», «GR-design in the business planning system», «Consulting and Analysis of Managerial Situations» in different areas of business (from the fuel and energy sector to the insurance and banking business).


Alexander Nikitin

Alexander Nikitin

Ph.D. (International Relations), Professor

Head of Department

Tatiana Alekseeva Tatiana Alekseeva

Dr. of Philosophy, Professor


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