English Language Department

English Language Department of MGIMO-University in Odintsovo strives to provide students of all five faculties and their various fields of studies with relevant and adequate language learning. It aims not only at enabling the students to communicate effectively in English, the most widely spread and used language today, but also at equipping them with knowledge and skills necessary for their future work in the profession they have chosen.

At the start of their studies in the first year, students are tested to be further placed into one of three streams depending on their prior English proficiency, which allows them to study the language at a comfortable pace, yet reach the same high standards by the graduation. Language groups rarely exceed 7-8 students, thus ensuring quality education and sufficient time and attention allocated to each person.

The department advocates communicative approach and employs a wide range of teaching materials, including the textbooks by leading publishing houses (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, etc) as well as those authored by the teachers and professors of MGIMO-University. Besides working with printed textbooks, students are also encouraged to turn to online resources in the Pearson’s My Grammar Lab.

In the third year students commence a course of Language for Specific Purposes, where they learn to speak and write in the language of their field of studies as well as translate between English and Russian. Currently, LSP is taught at the following programmes — Law, Economics, Management, Artificial Intelligence, Business Informatics, Linguistics, State and Local Governance, and Human Resources Management, to be soon followed by courses for students of Political Studies, Business Studies and Finances.

Members of the English Department are actively involved in research in numerous branches of Linguistics, including but limited to Psycholinguistics, Phonology, Culture Studies, ESL and ESP teaching and methodology, Stylistics, and Translation Studies. Many of the teachers have a PhD or are completing their theses.

Head of Department

Natalia Rusinova Natalia Rusinova

Ph.D. in Linguistics


3, Novo-Sportivnaya, Odintsovo, Moscow Region