Department of Economics and Finance

The Department was established in February 2018 and qualifies graduates in the discipline of Economics.

The Department employs creative research and teaching personnel, dedicated to training qualified managers, to work in the country's economic structures, with an emphasis on innovative and digital technologies.

The Department’s programmes:


●     03/03/01 "Economics". Programme title: "Information Technologies in International Business"

●     03.03.01 “Economics”. Programme title: “Financial Economics”

Master's Level:

●     38.04.01 "Economics". Programme title: "Economics of the firm and foreign economic activity"

The Department’s teachers develop competencies not only within the economic framework of the national economy but also in the field of the foreign economic activities carried out by both the country and the regions of the Federation, together with skills in banking, stock exchange and export-import operations. This training equips our graduates to carry out successfully all types of financial and economic activities in both domestic and overseas markets, to resolve business development issues and to analyze the risks and effectiveness of investment projects and innovation projects.

The themes of the Department’s scientific activities are; innovations in the economy; the current problems of world economic globalization; issues of cyclical economic development; economic performance; international finance, government finances and the financing of corporations and enterprises; interrelations and mutual dependencies arising from the operations and interactions of various links in the financial system; financial flows and capital turnover; structural elements of the monetary and credit system; cash flow in the economy; natural laws in the formation of monetary and credit systems, at both the micro and macro levels.

Head of Department

Zhaklin Sarkisyan Zhaklin Sarkisyan

Ph.D. in Law


3, Novo-Sportivnaya, Odintsovo, Moscow Region
Room: 406

+7 495 661-71-75