Department of Pedagogy and Psychology


The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology was established in 2013 as an inter-faculty centre for scientific and applied research in the theory, methodology and psychology of higher professional education and professional communication.

The Department sees its mission in

  • working out and introducing courses in psychology, professional and cross-cultural communication related to the professional needs of international relations students.
  • preparing Bachelor students for effective use of psychological technologies in professional communication.
  • preparing Master and PhD students for professional educational activities in university education.
  • working out and introducing professional development courses for MGIMO-University teaching staff.


Professors with PhD and Doctor Habilitatus degrees in Pedagogy:

  • Anatoliy Yu. Belogurov;
  • Lilia K. Raitskaya;
  • Nadezhda M. Romanenko;
  • Elena V. Voevoda;

Associate Professors with PhD degrees:

  • Elena N. Makhmutova — PhD in Psychology;
  • Ekaterina A. Romanova — PhD in Psychology;
  • Ekaterina E. Shishlova — PhD in Pedagogy;

Office Manager:

  • Marina A. Volkova (lecturer at the Department of Russian Language) — PhD student.


The Department offers courses in tertiary education for Bachelor, Master and PhD students of MGIMO-University, in Russian and in English. The Department graduates PhD students in Pedagogical Education and Cultural Studies. Currently there are 13 full-time and 3 part-time PhD students in Pedagogical Education and Cultural Studies and 2 post-doctoral researchers working at habilitation theses.

As part of MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency, the Department is engaged in Continuing Professional Education of MGIMO teaching staff arranging professional development courses.

Programmes and Courses

Programmes include short courses, weekly classes, day and weekend events, continuing professional development and summer schools.

The Department runs over 20 courses per year offered at all educational levels (Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes):


  • Psychology,
  • Psychology of Leadership,
  • Psychology in Management,
  • Psychology of Strategic Thinking,
  • Organizational Psychology, etc.;


  • University Pedagogy and Psychology,
  • Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects of Professional Activities,
  • Fundamentals of Pedagogical Skills,
  • Education in International Relations Studies,
  • History of Training Personnel for International Relations, etc.;

Cultural Studies

  • Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication and Cross-Cultural Psychology,
  • Effective Intercultural Communication and Interaction,
  • Business Cultures,
  • Professional Communication and Interaction,

Research Methodology

  • Fundamentals of Research Activities,
  • Mathematical Methods in Research,
  • Research Methodology for PhD Students,
  • Academic English: Research Methodology,

Further Professional Education

  • Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects of Professional Activities.

The courses are assessed by oral and written assignments and computer testing. The lecturers use the technology of blended learning and computer-based programmes of distance learning (see ed. mgimo. ru).


The main research areas are:

  • Educational space as the subject of interdisciplinary research.
  • Education as ‘soft power’.
  • Axiological aspect of education.
  • Educational policies in the globalized world.
  • Communication in the multi-ethnic university.
  • Theory and practice of professional language training.
  • Psychology of university education.
  • Gender studies in education.

Editorial boards

Anatoliy Yu. Belogurov:

  • Pedagogy.
  • News Bulletin of Southern Federal University.

Elena V. Voevoda:

  • Journal of Intercultural Communication.
  • Modern Communication Studies.
  • Law and Education.

Lilia Raitskaya:

  • RUDN Journal of Psychology and Pedagogics.
  • Journal of Language and Education.

Nadezhda M. Romanenko:

  • Modern Communication Studies.

In 2018 the Department published 2 collections of articles and a chapter in the course book «Social Psychology», 4 monographs, 67 articles, including 38 articles in peer-reviewed Russian journals and 3 — in SCOPUS journals.

In 2016 the Department won 2 grants in the 3rd MGIMO Contest of Young Researchers (Consultants – A.Belogurov, E.Voevoda).

Head of Department

Elena Voevoda Elena Voevoda

PhD (Pedagogy), Doctor Habilitatus (Pedagogy), Professor


+7 495 234-83-53 (inner 18-72)
Room: 3068