Department of Public Law

The Department of Public Law is part of the structure of the International Law Faculty of MGIMO, unites scientists and practitioners — specialists in Public Law, specializing in both general theoretical disciplines and industry oriented ones.

A feature of the Department is the comprehensive teaching of general theoretical disciplines, as well as sectoral disciplines of Russian law and international legal disciplines. Among them: the Theory of State and Saw, Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation, Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries, History of State and Law, Administrative Law, Financial Law, Environmental Law, Customs Law, Labor Law, International Law and others. The teachers of the Department read disciplines and conduct seminars both for students of the Faculty of International Law and for students of the Faculty of Management and Politics; Faculty of Financial Economics, Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and students of the International Institute for Energy Policy and Innovation Management.

The Department of Public Law is a graduating department, advising students of the Faculty of International Law, who write their final qualification works.

The staff of the Department are active in scientific and publishing activities: they publish monographs, as well as articles in journals included in the Scopus rating system, Web of Science and journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

The tasks of the Department are the improvement of the educational process in the disciplines implemented at the Department in accordance with modern approaches to obtain professional competencies in the preparation of lawyers, the involvement of students in active scientific activities.

Head of Department

Elena Kremyanskaya Elena Kremyanskaya

Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor


+7 495 545-59-82

3, Novo-Sportivnaya,
Odintsovo, Moscow Region
Room: 437