Department of French Language

The French Language Department is a subdivision of the International Law School, conducting classes in all MGIMO bachelor’s, master’s and post-graduate studies programmes.

Throughout its existence — French language being taught at MGIMO since its foundation in 1944 — the Department has accumulated vast experience in the area of French language teaching methods and creating high-quality study materials. Educational process relies primarily on the course books made by the Department staff, covering all aspects of the subject: general language studies, political translation, professional language studies (law, economics, diplomacy, political science, journalism, public relations). Some of these course books are used not only by MGIMO, but also by numerous other schools and universities.

The Department’s teaching staff of 80 people includes 5 full professors and 26 associate professors. Moreover, native speakers are also involved in the teaching process. About half of the teaching staff hold a post-graduate academic degree, primarily in the area of philology.

Last update — February 2017

Head of Department

Mikhail Ogorodov Mikhail Ogorodov

Ph.D. in Philology


+7 495 234-58-76 (inner 12-43)
+7 495 234-58-21 (inner 17-77)
Room: 3123, 3132