Department of Roman Languages

The prof. Tamara Z.Cherdantseva MGIMO Roman Languages Department (Italian, Portuguese and Latin), as a separate academic unit, dates from 2002 (November 26th). Now it structurally belongs to the Faculty of the International Law, teaching at all other facultiesof MGIMO-University.

Before 2002, the three languages (Italian, Portuguese and Latin) integrated a common Roman Languages Department together with Spanish (Galina S.Romanova was the chair), and even earlier — together with French. Famous Russian linguists prof. Vladimir G.Gak and prof. Tamara Z.Cherdantseva had been heads of the MGIMO Roman Languages Department.

Since November, 2002 till December, 2012the MGIMO Roman Languages Department was headed by Galina V.Petrova. Now it is run by prof. Nicolay V.Ivanov. The section of Italian language is headed by Vadim A.Dmitrenko.  The section of Portuguese since November, 2002 till January, 2018 was headed by Elena G.Gavrilova, and now it is run by Maria S. Khvan. Maria S. Khvan is also deputy head of the department. Irina L.Ulyanova is responsible for the section of Latin language.

The today’s structure of the Department comprises 32 teachers. The experience and knowledge of the elder professors is combined with the energy and talent of young specialists allowing to carry out a variety of practical and pedagogical activities, as well as to accomplish didactic and linguistic scientific projects. The teaching staff include: 1 doctor, professor (Doctor of Linguistics Nicolay V.Ivanov), 12 Candidates (Candidates of Linguistics Galina V.Petrova, Galina A.Krasova, Natalia V.Marshalok, Tatiana R.Titova, Olga L.Grenaderova, Alla G. Voronova, Svetlana M. Voronets, Elena V.Orel and Oksana Y.Mushtanova; Candidate of History Maria S.Khvan, Candidate of Psychology Lada. E.Nagornova, Candidate of Economics Natalia V.Ushakova). Many teachers of the Department who possess professional experience or have passed refresher training coursesin Law or Economics provide training in LSP (Languages for special purposes),commercial and diplomatic correspondence, in legal, economic, social or political translation.

Young teachers of the Department improve their skills studying at the Postgraduate Courses (as, for example Maria O. Shibkova and Anna N. Pavlova). In compliance withthe agreements between MGIMO-University and the Camões Institute, I.P. (Portugal), João Mendonça, a lecturer of the Camões Institute, works at the Department. He assumes lessons inpractical language, listening comprehension and text summarization. He also gives lectures on Portuguese history and culture. João Mendonça is co-author (together with Galina V.Petrova) of textbooks in basic Portuguese: «Português para Principiantes — Níveis A1-A2 (Portuguese for the beginners — levels A1—A2)» and «Curso Intermédio de Português — Nível B1 (Portuguese for the second year — level B1)».

The main goal of the Department is to provide professional teaching of Italian and Portuguese (as a first or as a second language), at all faculties of the MGIMO-University and the International Institute of Management in the fields of International Relations, International Economic Relations, International Business and Business Administration, International Law, International Journalism in all directions and specializations, at bachelor or master degree. Thereby special attention is paid to the courses of social and political translation, economic and legal translation. The teaching begins at the zero level and by the end of the training the students achieve a proficiency level of command of a foreign language — Italian or Portuguese.

The Latin language is taught at the first year at the Faculty of International Law aiming to expand the professional competence of the lawyers (2 hours a week).

The department has developed unique programs and educational materials in Italian and Portuguese general language skills, as well as in social and political translation, economic and legal translation, commercial and diplomatic correspondence.

The program for bachelors provides 10 hours of language training weekly (main language) and the magistrates have 6 hours of language training a week. At the 3rd year special aspects (social and political translation, economic translation, legal translation, text analysis and review) are taught 4 hours a week and at the 4th year — 6 hours a week. In the magistrates courses all the time is dedicated to the professionalization and specialization.

Students who study Italian and Portuguese as the second language at the first and the second years have 6 hours of general language training, and at the 3rd year they receive specialization studying special aspects of language usage, business communication, text analysis and review.

The Department has three multimedia classes which are constantly used in the educational process.

On the whole, at the Department about 150 students are learning Italian and about 100 students are learning Portuguese. About 150 students pass Latin studies.

Last update — June 2018


Shibkova Maria

Maria Shibkova

Ph.D. in Political Science

Head of the department

Department of Roman Languages

Professor Nikolay Ivanov, PhD


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