Department of Roman Languages

Department of Roman Languages (Italian, Portuguese and Latin) named after prof.  Tamara Cherdantseva was established in 2002 and structurally belongs to the International Law Faculty. Previously, it used to be a joint department with Spanish and French. 

From 2002 till 2012 the Department was headed by senior lecturer Galina Petrova. Currently the chief is Professor Nikolay Ivanov. Senior lecturer Vadim Dmitrenko and senior lecturer Maria Khvan are vice-chiefs of their sections – Italian and Portuguese respectively. The Latin section is led by senior lecturer Irina Ulianova.

The personnel of the department accounts for 36 lecturers, including one professor and Doctor of Philology Nilolay Ivanov and 15 members with Ph.D degrees. Some young lecturers are on their way to getting a Ph.D. Those whose major is law, economy and politics dedicate themselves to specific aspects of teaching such as legal, economic and political translation and diplomatic and business correspondence.

The main goal of the department is a professional-oriented teaching of Italian and Portuguese as first and second foreign languages in all MGIMO faculties. Special attention is paid to students’ major.

The department has developed its own programmes and teaching materials for general language, economic, legal and political translation, diplomatic and business correspondence.

Bachelor’s degree students who study Italian and Portuguese as their first foreign languages have 8-10 hours of the discipline a week, with major starting at their 3d year. Master’s degree students have 6 hours of language a week, all of them focused on specialisation.

Italian and Portuguese as second languages are taught 6 hours a week, with major being introduced since the 3d year.

Latin is taught to first year students of the International Law Faculty 2 hours a week.

All in all, around 200 students study Italian, around 80 — Portuguese and around 150 learn Latin at MGIMO.

Last update — June 2021


Maria Shibkova

Maria Shibkova

Ph.D. in Political Science

Head of the department

Department of Roman Languages

Professor Nikolay Ivanov, PhD


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