Department of Private International and Civil Law

The Department of Private International and Civil Law was the first in the country to include a direct reference to private international law as the focus area and specialty in its name. It currently teaches and conducts research on a wide range of subjects primarily related to legal regulation of property interests arising in the area of international economic relations. The main volume of teaching load falls on the International laws Faculty and in particular on the Division of international trade law for which the Department is major. However, the Department teaches in all the other faculties as well.

A characteristic feature of the academic and research activities of the Department distinguishing it from the private law departments of other universities is the traditional focus on the comparative legal approach. Both the teaching staff of the Department and the students speaking foreign languages and preparing for practical work in the area of international trade have always served as the prerequisite for this.

The Department’s nomenclature includes the following primary courses for which curriculums, literature, teaching materials, compilations of legal cases and etc., have already been created: «Roman law», «Civil law of Russia», «Business law», «Civil and trade law of foreign countries», «Transport law of Russia and foreign countries», «Private law international», «Civil procedure of Russia and foreign countries», «Labor law of Russia and foreign countries», «Legal regulation of foreign economic relations», «International commercial arbitration», «Investment arbitration», «Company law of Russia and foreign countries», «Investment law», «Legal regulation of international currency, financial and credit relations», «Industrial property rights».

The Department’s staff in recent years consists of about 30 professors, associate professors and lecturers specializing in a variety of legal areas. Since 1974 Professor Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich headed the Department. Since 2004 Professor Kostin Aleksey Aleksandrovich is heading the Department.

The Department has an extensive collection of publications on civil, commercial and private international law in Russian and in foreign languages at the MGIMO library. The Department has its Ph.D. and External Ph.D. centre.

The Department has produced monographs, textbooks and manuals on civil law of Russia, civil and commercial law of foreign countries, civil procedural law, private international law, international commercial arbitration, legal regulation of foreign economic relations and foreign investments, collections of research papers, numerous articles, reviews, translations of laws, etc., including those published abroad.

Members of the Department co-operate with arbitration (related organizations) and other practical organizations and institutions. The majority of the Department members are arbitrators or reporters of the two main centres in Russia where international commercial disputes are resolved. These institutions are the International Сourt of Commercial Arbitration and Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Currently, Professor A.A.Kostin heads both these institutions. Experience in the field of international commercial arbitration has for many years been an important element of professional education and training of future international lawyers. Members of the Department are regularly invited to participate as experts by State Duma, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Development, scientific advisory councils at the supreme judicial bodies of the Russian Federation and by international organizations, including UNCITRAL, the Hague Conference on Private International Law, etc.

Regular participation of the Department members in international conferences held in Russia and abroad on issues within the Department’s competence, including scientific meetings at the Institute and those held in conjunction with other teaching, research and practical institutions as well as their practice as arbitrators in Russia and abroad has a beneficial effect on the methodology and content of the educational process.

The Department is actively engaged in managing The Information Centre of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (Director of ICHC — Professor E.V.Kabatova, Deputy Director — Lecturer V.A.Grebelsky, resp. Secretary — Lecturer E.A.Abrosimova) and student research clubs: ‘Legal club’ under the guidance of Professor E.V.Kabatova and Assoc. E.V.Vershinina, ‘Casus’ under the leadership of Lecturer E.A.Abrosimova and Senior Lecturer V.B.Chernoletskiy.

Alumni of the Department of private international and civil law are working nowadays in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, in private legal structures, including major international law firms, such as «Clifford Chance CIS limited», «Herbert Smith CIS LLP», «White & Case LLC», «Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer», «Ernst & Young», «Klishin and partners», «Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov and partners», in banking, notary offices, oil and gas companies.

Last update — April 2017
Responsible for the information provided — Head of the Department Prof. A.A.Kostin

Head of Department

Alexey Kostin Alexey Kostin

Ph.D. in Law, Professor


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