Department of European Law

The Department of European law of MGIMO was formed in 1996. Since then, the Department has achieved a leading position in the development of all European Union law issues in Russia. Our department provides training of highly qualified lawyers specializing in the field of European law (European Union law), retraining of civil servants and carrying out necessary scientific and applied research.

Members of the department teach the following courses such as «European law», «European law: the law and the EU institutions», «EU law and Institutions», «European Customs Law», «EU Banking Law», «Legal Regulation of Financial Services market in the EU» «EU Labor Law», «European system of human rights protection», «EU labor law and its correlation with Russian labour law», «Trade law of the EU and the WTO», «EU Budgetary Law», «The European system of human rights protection and Russian rule of law», «Migration flows legal regulation in the EU and the EAEU», «EU single market legal regulation», «Legal framework of integration processes in the Eurasian space», «Law of the Council of Europe», «Legal framework of space activities within the EU and the EAEU», «EU financial and budgetary law», «EU and EAEU customs law», «Current issues of banking activity legal regulation in the EU and the EAEU», «Legal basis for EU-Russia relations», «European tax law», «The EU and the EAEU tax law», «Legal regulation of companies and corporate governance in the EU», «EU competition law», «Current issues of European and international law», «Human rights enforcement according to the EU law», «Introduction to the EU internal market legal framework», «Anti-corruption international mechanisms», «EU Corporate Law».

The department consists of prominent experts in the field of European law — M.L.Entin, L.M.Entin, M.M.Biryukov, R. A. Kasyanov, E.N.Egorova, A.A.Naku, N.B.Topornin, E.A.Torkunova, T.V.Shashihina.

The scientific works of scientists of the department reflects current problems of the European integration law and its main branches, as well as the issues of the European human rights protection system formation and functioning.

The most notorious works, reflecting the essence of the reforms, currently taking place in the European Union, are: L.M.Entin textbook «The European Union law and institutions: the current stage of evolution» 2016, M.M.Biryukov monograph «European law before and after the Lisbon Treaty» 2013, L.M.Entin textbook «European Union Law. A new stage of evolution: 2009–2017 years», M.L.Entin monograph «Russia and the European Union in 2011–2014: in search of partnerships» 2015. Major approaches of the European law issues study set forth in high schools textbook «European law», prepared by the staff of the department. The European law department initiated the publication of the two-volumes «The European Court of Human Rights. Selected decisions» in collaboration with the Council of Europe.

The priority research areas include the study of problems and prospects of the post-Lisbon European Union development, analysis and preparation of proposals to enhance the cooperation between the Russian Federation and the EU, the European Union policy in the energy and environmental fields, the interaction of Russia and the EU on immigration and other issues.

The department faculty provides teaching in the Master course on programme: «The European Union law and integration processes legal framework». Along with in-depth study of EU law, special attention is given to various aspects of the Eurasian Economic Union law.

The postgraduate training is designed to master the necessary array of European rule of law, acquaintance with the EU institutions and bodies, the basic knowledge of the Treaties and secondary law, the CJEU key judgments, branches of European law. The most popular courses are «European law current issues», «Legal aspects of the area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ) formation in the EU», «Legal regulation of the EU Single market», «EU financial and budgetary law».

Dozens of graduate students and applicants have successfully defenced their dissertations on the following topics: «Fundamentals of the European Union customs law», «International law in Russian judicial practice», «The legal basis for the implementation of Russian citizens constitutional right to judicial protection in the European court», «Peculiarities of legal regulation of imports goods into the territory of the European Union», «The conditions of membership and procedure for new states adoption in the European Union», «The formation and jurisdiction of the EU Court: theory and practice», «Distribution of powers between the European Union and the Member States», «Trends in the European insurance law development», «Interaction of the CJEU and the European Court of human rights in cases of human rights protection after the Lisbon treaty», «Peculiarities of the EU law on direct taxation implementation», «Council of Europe legal standards», «Venice commission of the Council of Europe: legal aspects of creation and its activities», «EU labour law framework», «Legal framework of social policy and labour relations regulation in the European Union», «Legal regulation of biomedical research and application of modern biotechnology in the European Union», «The competition law and intellectual property protection in the CJEU and European Commission practice», «Legal regulation of investment activity in the European Union», «The legal labour migration from third countries regulation according to EU law», «Property rights protection according to European law», «Legal framework of cooperation between Russia and the European Union in the field of customs», «Legal aspects of lobbying activities and promoting individuals interests in the EU», «European Union law impact on international commercial arbitration», «The subsidiarity principle in European law», «Case law in the European sources of law system», «Regulation of non-tariff measures application in the EU law», «Trends in the European insurance law development», «Modern legal issues of European integration», «European commission: the formation procedure and its competencies».

Head of the department

Department of European Law

Professor Mark Entin, PhD


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