Department of English №8

Department of English №8 specializes in teaching English to law students and offers the following programmes leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws with 4 years of full-time study and Master of Laws degree with 2 years of full-time study:

Modern English course
Levels A-1 — C-1 (Bachelor of Laws degree program)

Modern English course
Levels C-1 — C-2 (Master of Laws degree program)

Legal Terminology course, the overall goal of which is to prepare law students for conducting their professional activities in English.

Training international lawyers capable of reading, analyzing, and interpreting legal documents, communicating orally and in writing with their peers, and translating legal documents from English into Russian and back, has presented a unique challenge: their education and training has to incorporate methods and approaches used in law schools in the UK and the U.S.A. The methods include simulation games, real-life case studies, and unconventional approaches to teaching the discipline.

Legal terminology course lays the foundation for understanding Anglo-Saxon Law in the language of the original which enhances professionalism and skills of law students in the realm of comparative study of law systems.

It also prepares law students to use a legal lexicon in English after they have mastered the meanings of the terms in their native language.

It guarantees the ability to develop the skills to translate legal documents orally and in writing.


Irina Fedotova

Irina Fedotova

Associate Professor

Head of the department

Department of English №8

Irina Bogdanova


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