Department of Legal Theory and Comparative Law

The Department of Legal Theory and Comparative Law of Faculty of International Law of MGIMO was formed in 2017 due to the necessity for systematic teaching the scientific basics of jurisprudence for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in MGIMO. This allowed lawyers specializing in legal theory and comparative law to focus on the urgent problems of legal systems in the world. The chair prepares highly qualified lawyers and carries out all the necessary scientific research, as well as supports other MGIMO faculties and institutes in the implementation of their own educational standards.

Key objectives of the Department

  • Development and implementation in learning process both general and special courses on theory of state and law, comparative law, methodology of legal science and legal expertise, philosophy of law and juridical techniques according to the main directions of scientific and pedagogical activities of the chair and the main directions for the development of MGIMO.
  • Teaching undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of MGIMO to effectively use modern computer technologies in their professional communication and legal career.
  • Expert activities aimed at preparing legal opinions at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences and other state bodies and social institutions, as well as courts of foreign jurisdictions.
  • Scientific activity aimed at cooperation with academic legal community.

Approaches to organization of teaching

  • Lecturers of the chair carry out their pedagogical activity at different faculties (institutes) within educational standards accepted in MGIMO for bachelor, master and postgraduate programs according to the curriculum.
  • Lecturers of the chair apply in teaching both conventional and innovative/ creative forms, methods, concepts and tools including interactive lectures, seminars, legal battle games, case studies, business simulation games etc.

The lecturers of the chair are continuously involved in active scientific research which allows them to take into account the latest scientific achievements while teaching the academic disciplines of the chair.

Members of the chair take an active part in many scientific events including conferences held both in Russia and abroad where the urgent problems of legal theory and comparative law are discussed.

The lecturers of the chair are focused on the use of comparative law methodology which, in turn, is possible as both lecturers and students know foreign languages and national specifics of foreign legal systems.

The chair focuses on the development of students’ professional skills. Undergraduate and graduate students are taught to deal with «ConsultantPlus», «Garant», «IS Continent», «Westlaw Academics» computer-based legal research tools and are also given an opportunity to take an exam to get a personal certificate.

Students have a unique opportunity to learn to work with online legal research services like World Business Law and Westlaw Academics. By using these tools students have permanent day-to-day access to foreign legislation, case law, journals, books on law etc.

The chair pays special attention to the promotion of science among students. There are two student scientific initiatives (one of which is called «Club of Comparative Law»), both of them currently operating in MGIMO under the supervision of lecturers of the chair. For example, «Club of Comparative Law» meetings and sessions are usually devoted to many acute legal issues regarding legal theory and comparative law in both Russian and foreign jurisdictions. Students usually take an active part in popular scientific events in Russia and abroad and are the winners and laureates of many all-Russian and international student competitions, conferences and contests.

Head of Department

Alexei Malinovsky Alexei Malinovsky

Doctor of Law, Professor


+7 495 234-83-84*14-57 (inner 14-57)
Room: 528