Administrative and Financial Law Department

Administrative and Financial Law Chair is a graduating department. Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Mr. Ilya A.Goncharenko is a Head of Chair. The following general and special courses are delivered by the Chair: Russian Administrative law; Administrative law of foreign countries; Financial law; International Financial law; Tax law of the Russian Federation; Land law; Public service; Administrative process and liability; WTO antidumping rules; Regulation of financial control; Information law; Liability for tax offenses; Regulation of taxation of fuel and energy complex in the Russian Federation and foreign countries; Regulation of taxation in the special economic zones (SEZ) of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; Regulation of taxation of legal entities in the Russian Federation and foreign countries; Comparative tax law; International banking law; International tax law; International tax rules; Public Finance and Private Sector: Legal Problems and Interaction; Taxes and Taxation, etc.

Textbooks, teaching aids and other teaching materials for all the courses delivered by the Chair were prepared through Chair’s staff efforts and with their participation. Of particular note is a Financial law textbook edited by professors Elena U.Gracheva and Gennadi P.Tolstopyatenko, a textbook «State and Municipal Service: a textbook and workshop for academic bachelorship» under general ed. by E.V.Okhotski, tutorial by professor Roman A.Shepenko «Introduction to WTO law: a course of antidumping regulation» and a textbook by the Head of Chair Ilya A.Goncharenko «Regulation of taxation for the oil and gas fields development in the Russian Federation and foreign countries», tutorial by associate professor Nataly I.Petrykina «Personal data of a person»..., etc.

Lecturers of the Chair conduct comparative legal research on the problems of administrative, financial and tax law of Russia and foreign countries. The materials of these studies are published in such Supreme Attestation Commission (VAC) recommended journals as the MGIMO Bulletin; Zakon; Russian Laws: Experience, Analysis, Practice; RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) newspaper and other leading Russian periodicals, as well as in the journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

The Chair has full-time and corresponding postgraduate studies programs (on budget and on a contractual basis), a preparation of candidates for the degrees of PhD in law and Doctor of law, specialty 5.1.2 — Public legal (state legal) sciences.

The Chair is taking part in realizing a master’s degree program «International, Public and Private law», which is headed by the First Vice-Rector of MGIMO, Doctor of Law, Professor Gennadi P.Tolstopyatenko. This master program enjoys a well-deserved popularity not only among graduates of the bachelor’s degree of our School, but also of other Chairs of the International Law School, as well as law bachelors from many Russian universities, such as Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State Law Academy, High School of Economics and others. ConsultantPlus company is a permanent partner of the Chair. They provide the Chair’s staff with their actual digital databases of legal information.

The Chair’s pride is that both individual students and MGIMO student teams have been winning prizes at the international taxation competitions held by Ros-IFA, as well as at all Russian and international tax competitions for 12 years in a row, which in practice proves the high level of a tax law school in MGIMO.

An outstanding achievement of MGIMO’s tax law school is the victory of Natalia Averina, a student of the International Financial Law master’s program, at an international stage of the Young Tax Professional of the Year 2017 competition held by EY. For the first time in the history of this competition, a representative of Russia became an absolute winner of both the Russian and international rounds, taking the 1st place in the finals in Amsterdam!

And already in 2019, Alina Ivanova, also a student of the International Financial Law master’s program, again secured the victory of the MGIMO School of Tax Law, winning at the All-Russian stage and taking 2nd place at the international stage of the Young Tax Professional of the Year 2019 competition in Amsterdam! Such outstanding results are the pride of the department, demonstrating a consistently high level of our students training!

Last update — September 2023
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