UNESCO Department

In June 21, 1994, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and UNESCO signed an agreement on the establishment of the UNESCO Department on human rights and democracy.

The purpose of the Chair was to organize and promote the development of a comprehensive program of research, the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process, as well as support the development of instruments in the field of human rights education and democracy. An important area of activity of the Chair is the progressive development of the national system of ongoing human rights education, including the development of special training programs on human rights and democracy.

The UNESCO Chair on human rights and democracy was headed by the following renowned scientists and professors: Y.M.Kolosov, Y.A.Reshetov, Y.E.Karlov.

Since 2003 the UNESCO chair is headed by Borisov Alexey Nikolaevich.

The Chair lectures special courses: «The Model UN simulation», «International protection of human rights», «Legal status and activities of UNESCO», «Inter-Civilization dialogue of legal cultures».

Every year in April, the UNESCO Department hosts Churkin Moscow international model United Nations, which is attended by over 700 students from more than 40 countries.

The priority activities of the UNESCO Department on human rights and democracy:
organization and promotion of an integrated program of research, education, information and development of documentation in the field of human rights and democracy education;
progressive development of the national system of ongoing education in human rights and democracy;
preparation and holding of international and all-Russian working meetings, conferences, youth forums, symposia;
conducting the Churkin Moscow international model United Nations;
holding roundtables and seminars;
reading a unique course on UNESCO activities.

Branches of the UNESCO Department work in 15 subjects of the Russian Federation. Major regional and international conferences are held in Kazan, Ufa, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ulan-Ude, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen.

The UNESCO chair actively participates in research and educational programs of MGIMO, as well as participate in regional, Russian and international conferences.

In June 2016, the UNESCO Department on human rights and democracy of MGIMO-University successfully accredited and extended the agreement with UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Head of Department

Alexey Borisov Alexey Borisov

Ph.D. in Political Science


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fax: + 7 495 234-58-03
Room: 227