Department of Advocacy

The Department of Advocacy of the School of International Law started its work in the second term of 2003/04 academic year.

The core of the professors of the Department is made up of the employees of Klishin&Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow.

The Department is headed by Aleksei Klishin, Professor, PhD in Law. The Deputy Head of the Department is Andrey Shugayev, Professor, PhD in Law, Russian Honorary Attorney at Law.

Close and long-standing business relations have been connecting the Klishin&Partners Attorneys at Law, Moscow and MGIMO, which is one of the oldest university that trains experts in international law. These relations are based on the Treaty on Cooperation, signed by the two sides in April 1995. Within the framework of this Treaty Klishin&Partners Attorneys at Law organises joint meetings and conferences between the experts of the Board and lecturers of the University, provides the Russian legislative acts and international laws by installing and updating the Consultant Plus legal reference system which is used in the classrooms.

Klishin&Partners Attorneys at Law helps financially the most promising students of the MGIMO School of International Law and invites them to take an internship upon the decision of the Dean’s office.

For many years Vladimir Entin, PhD in Law, a K&P attorney, Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Legal Protection, gives lectures for the MA students of the MGIMO Institute of European Law on Intellectual Property in European Law.

Aleksei Klishin, the founder of Klishin&Partners Attorneys at Law, Valery Volkov, Chairman of the Presidium of the organisation, and K&P attorneys Aleksandr Klishin, Anna Klishina, Dmitry Kisterev are MGIMO graduates.

When deciding to establish the Department of Advocacy at the School of International Law, the MGIMO Academic Board was guided by the legal principles set out in the Federal Law «On Legal Practice and Advocacy in the Russian Federation», which focuses on the need to improve the efficiency of advocacy in Russia and make sure that the legal services are provided on the professional basis only.

The establishment of the Department will provide the students with systematic knowledge of the Russian advocacy as well as with the skills necessary to implement their knowledge of various branches of law in their legal practice.

The course includes such topics as:

  • the history of advocacy in Russia;
  • the basics of eloquence for lawyers;
  • the role of lawyers in the Constitutional, Arbitration, European courts and in criminal, civil and arbitrage procedures;
  • lawyers and business; protection of entrepreneurship;
  • advocacy abroad,
  • etc.

The methods used in teaching include lectures, seminars and workshops, course papers.

The Department of Advocacy does research, prepares and issues textbooks, monographs, collections of research papers.

A few major Russian legal experts, famous Russian lawyers, law enforcement agency officials work at the Department along with the leading Klishin&Partners attorneys.

Last updated in September 2016
The information was submitted by Andrey Sysoyev

Head of the department

Department of Advocacy

Aleksei A. Klishin


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