World Resource Markets Department

In accordance with the decision of MGIMO University Academic Board of March 1, 2016 and reflecting the request from major resource producing companies, International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP MGIMO) established the Department of World Resource Markets. The Department mission is to train experts for leading Russian resource companies that operate in global resource markets as well as to conduct inclusive research, analysis and forecasts in the field of word resource markets.

In 2016–2023 the Department was headed by Professor Georgy Krasniansky, Doctor of Science (Economics), Meritorious Economist of the Russian Federation, President of Mining Industry Development Promotion Partnership.

The goal of the World Resource Markets Department is to ensure a high level of practice-oriented specialist training and to improve Russian economy resource sector workforce potential that will allow to strengthen the positions of Russian resource companies in the world markets.

The World Resource Markets Department offers a multi-level academic training (Bachelor’s, Master’s, second degree and MBA programmes), corporate and advanced personnel training for leading Russian companies. The Department is also involved in research, analysis and forecasts for federal and regional governments and for leading resource sector companies.

The Department employs leading MGIMO professors and authoritative resource company experts who developed new broad curricula in the fields of foreign trade in resources, world resource markets situation, development of world mineral resource markets in the context of globalization, analysis of world economy mineral resources basis, major world resource production and trade centers, issues of corporate governance in resource sectors, efficiency of resource company operations within WTO framework, legal and fiscal aspects of resource company foreign operations, business planning and project management in resource companies, logistics in resource company foreign operations, assessment of investment efficiency in the economy resource sector, etc.

The World Resource Markets Department organizes internships and apprenticeships for MIEP MGIMO Bachelor’s and Master’s students with federal and regional governments and major resource companies.

The Department pays special attention to corporate, advanced and second degree training programmes for top managers and employees of leading resource companies.

An important part of Department functions is scientific research with emphasis on applied research.

The Russian economy mineral resource sector is the main source of country’s budget revenue. Due to economy specifics and existing exports potential Russian economy development dynamics are dependent on world resource prices and world resource markets development trends.

Under the conditions of high world market resource prices volatility the issue of macroeconomic instability is very serious for Russian economy. That makes it necessary to focus on the comprehensive analysis of world resource markets evolution, key issues in international regulation of trade in resources and on the issues of politicizing world trade in resources. Of special importance is the analysis of problems related to Russian membership in the World Trade Organization, use of trade restrictions and their influence over international trade and operations of Russian resource-oriented corporations in foreign markets.

The World Resource Markets Department has planned research in world resource markets development issues, trends in world mineral resource markets development in a global environment, analysis and forecasts of world resource markets situation, specifics of resource company operations within WTO framework, ways to improve the efficiency of international trade in resources, export/import operations and assets management in international resource companies.

Head of Department

Alexander Sarychev Alexander Sarychev

Ph.D. in Economics


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