World Electric Power Industry Department

Department of World Electric Power Industry was established within the structure of International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy at MGIMO University (MIEP MGIMO) in accordance with the cooperation agreement signed on October 20, 2009 between OAO MRSK Holding, MGIMO University and International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy and in accordance with MGIMO University Academic Board decision of October 6, 2010.

The Department was established with the aim to train highly qualified experts for Russian electric power industry, to ensure a high level of practice-oriented student training at MIEP MGIMO, to ensure efficient development of personnel for cooperation in the international power industry, to integrate world experience in the development of Russian electric power grid system and to improve its workforce potential.

The Department is headed by Nikolay Shvets.
One of the fundamental Department missions is to train highly qualified specialists capable of identifying and handling problems in the Russian and world electric power industry.
The Department focuses on targeted training to elevate the proficiency of graduates in line with the requirements of modern world power industry development.

Key missions of the Department are:

  • to enhance MIEP MGIMO students’ theoretical knowledge with skills in the organization and implementation of real projects in power industry;
  • to create an innovative intellectual environment that would allow electric power industry economics and management specialists to increase their expertise, to master modern business technologies and strategic decision making methods;
  • to minimize the existing gap between university training programmes and requirements of Russian electric power business;
  • to ensure targeted specialist training that would recognize the dynamics of changing business requirements and specifics of corporate culture;
  • to provide MIEP students with opportunities to resolve practical problems in international energy cooperation using their potential of academic knowledge and research skills which they have acquired during earlier stages of their training.

In addition to specialized courses in Russian electric power industry economics and management, the Department has developed and is teaching courses that allow MIEP MGIMO students to study major trends in the world electric power industry development, foreign experience in reforming and implementing competition in electric power industry, expansion of and mergers in regional power systems, electric power exchanges functioning and development, dynamics of electric power sales growth in international trade as well as influence of economic, environmental and geopolitical factors over those processes.

The Department invites active cooperation from major foreign electric power industry companies. Top managers and leading experts of world-famous power corporations have delivered lectures for MIEP MGIMO students. For example, EDF Senior Vice President Mark Buallot and ERDF Vice President, ERDF-East General Director Eric Bojan have recently taught master classes at MIEP MGIMO.

The Department also actively interacts with Russian electric power industry companies involved in international cooperation and invites top managers and leading experts from these companies to deliver lectures on implementing joint projects with foreign partners.

The Department personnel are actively involved in developing cooperation with and between electric power industry companies of BRICS countries, including cooperation with China State Electric Power Grid Corporation and Indian State Electric Power Grid Corporation. The faculty are also an active part of imports phase-out mechanisms, sharing their experience and knowledge with MIEP MGIMO students.

Head of Department

Nikolai Shvets Nikolai Shvets

Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor


+7 495 234-84-52 (inner 17-01)