Global Energy Policy and Energy Security Department

Special department of Rosneft Oil Company PLC

Global Energy Policy and Energy Security Department (special department of Rosneft Oil Company PLC) was established within International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) by a MGIMO University Academic Board decision of February 28, 2006 in accordance with the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Rosneft Company.

The Department aims to ensure long-term cooperation with Rosneft Company in the field of training, advanced training and professional development of experts in formulating oil and gas sector state and corporate strategies and in ensuring energy security.

A major Russian state oil company established a special Department within the structure of a leading university to train personnel for the development of energy diplomacy and international energy cooperation as well as to accomplish tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation aimed at improving education quality and involving top managers and experts from major national companies in education.

The Department promotes efficient training of specialists who are fully qualified for resolving most important energy security issues, for accomplishing strategic missions of the Russian fuel and energy industry and for consolidating Russia’s positions in the world energy markets.

The Global Energy Policy and Energy Security Department offers Bachelor’s programmes in economics, management, law, advertising and public relations, as well as MIEP Master’s programme in economics and management.

Specialized courses designed by the Department cover the most important issues in international energy cooperation and ensure an optimal balance between theory and practice in developing and implementing business concepts and decisions. The courses are delivered by leading Russian and foreign experts as well as by experts in Rosneft Oil Company PLC practical operations.

The specialized courses include: «Mathematical Modelling of Economics in Oil and Gas Operations», «Economic and Business Planning in Oil and Gas Companies», «Export Operations in Oil and Gas Companies», «Assessment of Investment Project Efficiency in Oil and Gas Companies», «International Trade in Oil and Gas Technologies», «Project Management in Oil and Gas Companies», «Oil and Gas Business Basics», «Risk Management in Oil and Gas Companies», «Maritime Oil and Gas Field Development», «Corporate Governance and Strategic Management in Energy Companies», «Competition Strategies of International Oil and Gas Companies», «Sustainable Development Issues in Energy», «Foreign Language in Energy», «Intercultural Communications», etc.

The major thrusts of the Department include organizing pre-degree internships and apprenticeships for students and assisting in their professional orientation. Most capable students are invited as interns and apprentices in Company divisions with prospects of further employment by Rosneft Oil Company PLC.

A high level of education and students’ adaptation to real business operations are achieved through writing graduation papers in the subjects related to Rosneft practical operations. Graduation papers are supervised by both departmental teaching staff and invited Company experts.

One of the most important factors in achieving a high level professional training is involvement of top Company experts in the work of State Examination Committees in relevant subjects.

The Department is headed by Andrey Shishkin, Vice President, Rosneft Oil Company PLC. Deputy Department Head is Olga Lomakina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (PhD) in Economics.

Among Department leading lecturers are Professor Alexander Kuznetsov, Doctor of Science (Technical), Technical Regulation and Corporate Projects Development Department, Rosneft Oil Company PLC; Associate Professor Stanislav Ignatiev, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Economics), Deputy Head, Upstream Operating Capital and Budget Office in Upstream Planning, Efficiency Management, Development and Investment Department, Rosneft Oil Company PLC; Associate Professor Firuz Butayev, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Economics), Deputy Head, Methodology, Accounting and Organizational Potential Improvement Office, Upstream Development Department, Rosneft Oil Company PLC; Associate Professor Ilnur Khasanov, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Economics), Manager, Project Management and Field Development Engineer Support Department, Rosneft Oil Company PLC; Associate Professor Inga Sochneva, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Technical); Associate Professor Valery Kuryakov, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Linguistics).

The Department publishes many new training aids, manuals and monographs on the most important issues in global energy policies and international energy security.

The Department is actively engaged in many international energy security key issues that include alternate energy development issues. It also conducts comprehensive research in the strategic development of major energy companies with the results published in the form of analytical documents and recommendations for government structures and business community. The Department participates in major world energy forums and organizes international conferences and workshops on the most important issues in global energy security.

Head of Department


Room: 4 MIEP

+7 495 234-84-91 (inner 15-21)