Economics and Banking Business Department

Special department of Gazprombank
Gazprombank’s special Department of Economics and Banking Business was established within International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) of MGIMO University by a MGIMO University Academic Board decision of June 20, 2011 in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between Gazprombank JSC and MGIMO University signed on April 17, 2009.

The Department is headed by Andrey Akimov, Chairman of the Board, Gazprombank.
The cooperation between Gazprombank, MGIMO University and MIEP MGIMO targets improved education quality and involvement of Gazprombank top managers and leading experts in the educational process. The establishment of special departments by major Russian companies within MIEP MGIMO structure has demonstrated productivity of the idea to combine academic fundamentals with practical experience in economic activities of companies operating both in Russia and abroad.

The Department aims to assist MIEP MGIMO to train qualified international economy experts who are knowledgeable and skilled in banking business specifics; to promote advanced training and professional development of personnel in the sphere of finance and banking and to ensure long-term cooperation between Gazprombank, MGIMO University and MIEP MGIMO. Departmental curricula emphasize the specifics of banking in energy and the issues in the development of Russian and world energy industries.

The Department pays special attention to combining fundamental university education and specialization in the field of international energy cooperation. The department also focuses on practical orientation of its curricula which would provide students with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of international banking in the energy sector.

Key tasks of the Department are:

  • To ensure targeted training of specialists which would be sensitive to continuous changes in banking business and international requirements to the corporate culture in banking;
  • To minimize the existing gap between university academic training and international banking business requirements;
  • To provide MIEP students with opportunities to resolve practical tasks in the sphere of international energy cooperation and take full advantage of their deep academic knowledge and research skills acquired in the course of their earlier training;
  • To organize, at all training stages, internships and apprenticeships for MIEP students motivating them to build their careers at Gazprombank and its subsidiaries and at other Russian energy companies, financial and banking institutions;
  • To develop and implement innovative methods of professional and advanced training for banking personnel, managers and financial specialists working in fuel and energy industry companies, including training within the framework of MBA modular programmes sensitive to the requirements of Gazprombank;
  • To organize internships for Departmental teaching staff at Gazprombank units;
  • To conduct research in the issues of interest for Gazprombank.

Establishment of the Department opens new possibilities to study international banking experience and. It will also promote advanced training of students and facilitate the selection of candidates for positions with Gazprombank and its subsidiaries.
The faculty of the Department involve leading experts from Gazprombank, its Russian and foreign partners, famous scientists and specialists in the energy and finance spheres as well as MGIMO leading lecturers.

Specialized courses developed by the Department teaching staff include: «World Economic Development Issues», «Audit and Internal Control in Commercial Banks», «Credit Ratings and Rating Agencies», «Corporate Governance and Work with Bank Personnel», «Mathematical Methods and Models in Banking», «Practical Issues in International Banking Business Development», «Project Financing», «Work with Corporate Clients», «Development and Implementation of a Commercial Bank Strategy», «Retail Banking», «Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)», «Strategic Management in a Commercial Bank», «Risk Management in Banking», «Accounting, Reporting and Taxation in Banking. Banking Supervision», «Financial Management in a Commercial Bank», «Foreign Trade Financial Support and International Settlements», «Financial Crises and Macroprudential Regulation».

In 2012, on the initiative and with the assistance from Gazprombank, the Department launched «International Banking Business» Master’s Programme with the students majoring in economics. In 2015 the specialization was changed to «Finance and Credit».

The International Banking Business Master’s Programme is practice-oriented and aims to train international finance specialists in the banking sector. The specialized courses within the curriculum are application-oriented.
During the entire training period, Master’s students work as interns at Gazprombank leading departments and participate in resolving important banking problems. They also conduct research on major activities of Gazprombank. Students prepare their theses in the subjects of interest for Gazprombank with prospects for future employment by the Bank.


Mikhail Stolbov

Mikhail Stolbov

Ph.D. in Economics (Doctor), Professor

Head of Department

Irina Yarygina Irina Yarygina

Dr., Professor


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