Department of International Issues in Fuel and Energy

Department of International Issues in Fuel and Energy was established within the structure of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) by a MGIMO University Academic Board decision of February 12, 2002.

The Department of International Issues in Fuel and Energy is the only one and unique in Russia. The establishment of the Department was caused by the necessity to train world class specialists in the sphere of energy diplomacy and international energy cooperation as well as by the need for research in the issues of regulating international fuel and energy industry functions as a factor in global energy stability strengthening.

The Department is actively engaged in the systemic analysis of world fuel and energy industry development trends, in the development of regulation principles as well as of principles economic and managerial decision making in the sphere of international fuel and energy industry operations.

The Department employs Professor V.I.Salygin, Doctor of Science (Technical), corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President, International Academy of Fuel and Energy Industry; as well as a number of leading expert in the field of energy diplomacy and fuel and energy industry international issues — N.V.Mironov, Associate Professor, PhD (Economics), senior analysts of the Center for Strategic Research in Energy and Digital Economy MIEP MGIMO Solovova Yu.V. and Hubaeva A.O. et. al.

The key missions of the Department are to increase the efficiency of teaching, tutorial and research work at MIEP MGIMO, to develop curricula and prepare textbooks, manuals and training aids in the subjects taught by the Department.

The main trusts in the Department activities are to train and develop research and teaching personnel for MIEP MGIMO, to guide and supervise students’ internships, course and diploma papers, independent studies and research work aimed at developing energy policy and diplomacy, strengthening international energy cooperation and resolving issues in the development of Arctic energy resources.

The Department provides training for students majoring in law, economics, management, international relations, advertising and public relations. Taking into account the specifics of training specialists in the field of energy diplomacy and international energy cooperation, the Department has developed curricula for all specialists and majors in accordance with bachelor and master training programs at MIEP MGIMO. The Department teaches the following specialized courses: «Energy diplomacy», «Iinternational energy security», «Corporate governance issues in the fuel and energy industry», «Operation and management in fuel and energy industry companies».

The Department organizes master classes for MIEP MGIMO bachelor and master program students. The classes are conducted by famous diplomates, renowned scientists, experts and top managers from major companies and international organizations.

The teaching staff of the Department is actively engaged in research publishing research results, reviews and analytical materials. The Department has published the first in Russia «Energy Diplomacy Basics» manual, as well as such books and training aids as «International Energy Security», «Investments in the Russian Fuel and Energy Industry: Main Figures, Sources and Funding Methods», «Basics of Constitutional (State) Law in OPEC Member Countries», training materials in fuel and energy industry language specifics, «Energy Diplomacy and International Energy Security Dictionary», etc.

The teaching staff of the Department are engaged in academic advising for post-graduate, external PhD and doctorate students. Such students are actively involved in the Departmental activities preparing and publishing articles and, together with teaching staff, preparing and attending major fora on the issues in international energy cooperation.

The teaching staff of the Department together with post-graduate and external PhD students are actively involved in preparing and conducting conferences and seminars organized by MIEP MGIMO in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and leading international organizations and universities.

Last update — September 2022

Head of Department

Valery Salygin Valery Salygin

Ph.D. (Doctor of Technical Science), Professor


+7 495 229-54-18 (inner 15-73)
Room: 12