Department of Foreign Economic Activities in Energy Transportation

Foreign Economic Activities in Energy Transportation Special Department of Transneft Company PLC was established within the structure of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO University on September 26, 2013in accordance with a Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between Transneft Company PLC, MGIMO University and International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO University (MIEP MGIMO).

The Department is headed by Nikolai Petrovich Tokarev, Chairman of the Board. President of Transneft Company PLC.

The main thrusts in the activities of Transneft Company PLC are: providing services in oil and oil products transportation via trunk pipeline systems in the Russian Federation and abroad; preventive maintenance, diagnostics and emergency recovery work at trunk pipelines; coordination of activities in inclusive development of trunk pipeline network and other pipeline transportation facilities; cooperation with foreign pipeline companies in the field of oil and oil products transportation in accordance with intergovernmental agreements; participation in resolving technical and innovative development issues in pipeline transport; introduction of new equipment, technologies and materials; attracting investment to develop operational facilities, to expand and modernize Transneft system facilities; organization of environment protection in the areas of pipelines location.

To-day, Transneft Company PLC operates over seventy-one thousand kilometers of pipelines, about five hundred pump stations and storage facilities of over twenty-three million cubic meters capacity. The Company transports over ninety per cent of oil produced in Russia. Transneft Company PLC is a natural monopoly with 100% of voting shares belonging to the federal state.

Starting from 2016, Foreign Economic Activities in Energy Transportation Department of MGIMO University International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (in cooperation with Transneft Company) has been training International Business Master’s Program students who specialize in international management in oil and oil products transportation and major in Management. The goal of the practice-oriented process is to train world-class specialists who possess fundamental academic knowledge combined with practical skills necessary for work in the energy transportation sphere. The Master’s Program includes a two-year academic course at MIEP MGIMO and concurrent targeted internship with Transneft Company PLC leading departments. The Master’s Program students are involved in resolving issues important for the Company and in the research related to Company activities. The students prepare their theses in the subjects of interest for Transneft Company PLC with prospects for future employment by the Company.

Last update — February 2021

Head of Department


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